Uluru is right in the center of Australia, in the southwestern corner of the Northern Territory, and is a long way from pretty much everywhere. The nearest town is Alice Springs, and that's still more than 200 miles (330 km) away. But Uluru is also one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions, so it's quite easy to get to from elsewhere in Australia. Here's what you need to know about getting to Uluru.

By Air

Most travelers, especially those short on time, will find flying the easiest way of getting to Uluru. Small Ayers Rock Airport (also called Connellan Airport) is near Yulara, a short drive from Uluru itself.

Direct flights to Ayers Rock Airport run from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, and Alice Springs. If you're coming from another city⁠—such as Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, or Hobart⁠—you'll need to transit in Alice Springs or elsewhere first. 

Flights into Ayers Rock Airport are particularly impressive as you'll get a view of the enormous rock, which will surely get you excited for further exploration.

By Car

Although certainly not the quickest option, many people do like to drive to Uluru from other parts of Australia, as a road trip across the Australian outback is a bucket-list dream for many adventurous travelers. 

Although the road to Uluru⁠—whichever direction you're coming from⁠—is long, the roads are actually in pretty good condition. They're definitely not dirt tracks, and you won't need a 4WD (although the same can't be said for all Australian outback roads!) 

From Alice Springs, Uluru is about a five-hour drive. From Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Darwin, factor in around two full days of driving, more from Perth or Brisbane. And that's just if you're coming direct. There are very many interesting and beautiful places to stop along the way, so it makes sense to take your time with this road trip.

By Bus

You can get to Uluru by bus from Alice Springs. Several companies ply this route. You can't, however, get directly to Uluru from other major Australian cities by bus.

By Private Tour

If you're on a generous budget, a private tour can be a great way to get to Uluru, as it will combine transport with a knowledgeable guide and other activities and destinations. It's possible to start a tour to Uluru from many places around Australia.