Trenta is located just 16 miles (25 km) from Kranjska Gora, along one of Slovenia’s most scenic roadways, Vršič Pass. The narrow and twisting road cuts into Triglav National Park and over the Julian Alps. Keep in mind that due to heavy snowfall, this route can occasionally close during wintertime. The drive—by rental car or private transfer—takes just about one hour to complete, with plenty of historic and scenic stopping points along the way. 

Those who have extra time to extend their trip might enjoy this 8-day tour exploring the highlights of the region, including Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and the Soča River Valley.

Other options include a summer-only bus that travels over Vršič Pass. It also takes about one hour to reach Trenta from Kranjska Gora.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 1 hour

The most convenient way to complete the journey is by car, either rental or private transfer. Both are available in Kranjska Gora. The route will take you over Vršič Pass, which is a narrow mountain pass with many tight turns and scenic views. It’ll take a little under an hour, although the summer tourist season can cause congestion. An earlier departure time can help you avoid any traffic.

There are many historic and scenic stops along the way, including Lake Jasna, which is a great spot for a picnic. Others include Ruska Kapelica (the Russian Church), the Kugyjev Monument, and a few parking areas that offer picnic tables and stunning views of the mountains. If you’re up for a day hike, there are always a few trails at each parking area or pull-out. You can get free maps of the park and hiking trails from the visitor center in Kranjska Gora.

During the winter months, it’s always best to check road conditions before you make the journey. Vršič Pass is can close (either partially or completely) due to heavy snowfall. If it’s closed, that means the only way to reach Trenta is on backcountry skis. However, you can almost always count on it being consistently open from May to October.

By Bus

Duration: 1 hour

Slightly less convenient than driving is the summer tourist bus. This route is operated by a private company and has about five departures per day, reaching Trenta in a little over an hour. There are numerous stops along the route, so you can hop off to enjoy a day hike and catch the next bus a few hours later. Keep in mind that this bus is only seasonal, operating from the end of June through August.

By Foot

Duration: 8+ hours

If you're looking for an adventurous option, there's also a 13-mile hike through Triglav National Park. You'll follow the Soča Trail, which is a segment of the famous Alpe Adria Trail that crosses into three countries: Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. This particular route—Kranjska Gora to Trenta—is considered Stage 23. The scenic hike passes by Lake Jasna and through alpine meadows, stopping along Vršič Pass at sites such as the Ruska Kapelica.

If you wish to tackle the route in more than one day, you can spend a night or two in one of the alpine huts along the way. Trail maps are available at the information center in Kranjska Gora, but kimkim's local experts in Slovenia are also happy to help you organize any logistics.


Map of How to Get from Kranjska Gora to Trenta
Map of How to Get from Kranjska Gora to Trenta