Kranjska Gora, considered the northern gateway to Triglav National Park, is just 24 miles (40 km) northwest of Lake Bled. It’s most conveniently reached by car—rental or private transfer—in about 35 minutes. Those who opt to rent a car and have time to extend their trip may enjoy this 8-day tour exploring the highlights of the region, including Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and the Soča River Valley.

The regional bus is another option and only takes about 10 minutes longer than driving. The timetable, however, is very limited.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 35 minutes

The easiest way to reach Kranjska Gora from Lake Bled is by rental car or private transfer, either of which can be booked in Bled. The journey connects you to E61, a modern, multi-lane highway. Eventually, you’ll meet a more scenic, 2-lane state road which follows along the Sava River and gives you glimpses of the mountains.

If renting your own vehicle, another option includes leaving Lake Bled via the country roads north of the town. This will take you near Vintgar Gorge, a popular and scenic stopping point (closed in winter months). Keep in mind that these roads are quite narrow and local, but they eventually meet up with E61.

By Bus

Duration: 45 minutes

Only slightly longer than driving is the regional bus. Slovenia’s network of buses is reliable and economical, but the timetable between to the two cities is very limited. There is only one departure each afternoon, or two on Saturdays.


Map of How to Get from Lake Bled to Kranjska Gora
Map of How to Get from Lake Bled to Kranjska Gora