The Istrian port city of Poreč is 134 miles (216 km) from scenic Lake Bled. Getting between the two is straightforward and quick, with a travel time of just 2.5 hours by car. This is the fastest way to make the trip—by rental car or private transfer. If you opt to rent a car, you might be interested in this 11-day road trip that combines the highlights of both the Istrian Peninsula and western Slovenia.

Because the route goes straight through Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, the bus is a viable and budget-friendly option. The first leg of the journey takes you from Lake Bled to Ljubljana in one hour. From there, several bus companies make direct journeys to Poreč in 3-4 hours.

If you’d rather take a train across the border, there are two daily departures that connect Ljubljana with Rijeka, Croatia. From Rijeka, a regional bus takes you all the way to Poreč. In total—with two buses and one train—the journey takes about five hours.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 2.5 hours

If you’re looking for speed and convenience, the fastest way to reach Poreč from Lake Bled is by rental car or private transfer. Both can be booked in Bled, although some private transfers may require a switch in Ljubljana. 

The route is fairly straightforward, following the major highways of E61/A1/E751 the entire route. Because Croatia isn’t in the Schengen Zone, you’ll need to stop at the border and show your papers. Check with your car rental company, as you may need to pay a small fee. If you’re traveling in the summer, border lines—especially at this crossing—can be long, so prepare a little extra time just in case.

This stretch of the drive is very scenic, particularly the views of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps as you leave Bled. If you’re interested in caves, you’ll pass by two: Skocjan Caves and Postojna Caves. Both are worth the time, as is Predjama Castle. If you haven’t explored the capital yet, Ljubljana is the perfect stop for a lunch break. 

Once in Croatia, you’ll stick to E751 until road 302, which takes you to Poreč with shimmering views of the Adriatic Sea. If you need a coffee break after the border, the hilly inland town of Motovun is worth the slight detour.

By Bus

Duration: 4-5 hours

The bus is a reliable and budget-friendly option. The first leg is a 1-hour route from Bled to Ljubljana, followed by a connection to Poreč. There are a few private companies that service this route, the fastest being Flixbus with a 3-hour journey time. In total, you’ll arrive in Poreč in just under four hours. Other companies take a bit longer, increasing the time to five hours.

By Train

Duration: 5 hours

If you opt to take the hour-long bus to Ljubljana—and prefer a train across the Croatian border—there are two daily departures to Rijeka. One is in the morning and takes three hours, while the afternoon departure is just 2.5 hours. Once you arrive in Rijeka, you can grab a direct bus to Poreč in about 1.5 hours. Snag a seat on the left side of the bus to enjoy the views of the Adriatic Sea.

Note that trains factor border-crossing time into their schedules. So if you’re traveling in the busy summer months, the train could potentially—but not always—be faster than the bus due to lengthy waits at the border.


Map of How to Get from Lake Bled to Poreč
Map of How to Get from Lake Bled to Poreč