The 150-mile (240 km) Great Ocean Road along Victoria's south coast is most easily accessible from Melbourne. The road spreads between Torquay in the east and Allansford/Warrnambool in the west. Here's how to get from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road.

By Private Car

Duration: 75 minutes to Torquay

As the Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's most manageable road trips (it's much shorter than, for example, driving the length of the Queensland coast!), it makes sense to get there by private car. This will give you the freedom to stop at many places of interest along the way.

The starting point of the Great Ocean Road that's closest to Melbourne, Torquay, is 64 miles (103 km) from the city. It takes about 75 minutes to drive to, depending on the traffic leaving Melbourne. Although you could go through the city of Geelong, south-west of Melbourne, there's no need to as the Freeway Extension bypasses it, thus speeding up the journey. Get on the M1 leaving Melbourne, going in the direction of Geelong, and then follow the signs to Torquay.

By Private or Group Tour

Duration: Full-day tour

If you'd rather enjoy the views rather than drive yourself, it's easy to get a day or overnight tour from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road, or various points along the way. Tours cater to a range of needs and interests, from food and drink to wildlife spotting and cycling. Speak to your local specialist to arrange the ideal tour for you.

While buses and trains to places along the Great Ocean Road are available from Melbourne, these limit your ability to travel easily along the length of the road. For example, if you get a bus to Torquay, you'll then have to stay in Torquay or be dependent on the limited local transportation between small towns. So, if you plan to see more than just one or two towns along the coast, we don't recommend taking a bus or train.