Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world; it's even a really long way from other Australian cities. Melbourne, in the south-east of Australia, is 2100 miles (3400 km) from Perth, in the far west. But despite the vast distance, it's quite straightforward getting from Melbourne to Perth. Here's how. 

By Air

Duration: 4 hours

Flying is by far the quickest way of getting from Melbourne to Perth. Multiple direct flights leave every day, taking around four hours. If you're in a hurry, this is your only option. You may enjoy some desert views on the way, depending on the weather and your flight path.

By Car

Duration: 36+ hours (10 days is preferable)

The overland route between Melbourne and Perth should be planned and enjoyed as a multi-day road trip, not just a way to get from A to B. Take your time and stop at multiple points of interest along the way and it is likely to be a trip of a lifetime.

The fastest route heads west from Melbourne, through Ballarat, before crossing into South Australia and towards Adelaide. After Port Augusta, the landscape becomes more typically 'outback'. The four-to six-hour journey along the Nullarbor Plains of western South Australia is one of the most interesting parts of the trip, and you might see wild camels, kangaroos, and emus (be careful, as they can be a hazard). The final part of the journey heads west to Perth through Western Australia state.

Parts of this trip are very remote, so make sure you have plenty of emergency provisions, like water and a spare tire.

By Train

Duration: 3+ days

Although there's no direct train from Melbourne to Perth, travelers can combine two scenic train journeys to make it all the way to Perth. On the first leg, take The Overland train from Melbourne to Adelaide, which takes about 10 hours. Spend at least one night in Adelaide, and then catch The Indian Pacific from Adelaide to Perth. Both of these services run a couple of times per week.

This is a scenic train journey geared towards travelers rather than commuters or locals, and isn't cheap. But, it's very comfortable and memorable, and will allow you to experience the incredible Australian landscape without having to worry about self driving.


Map of How to Get from Melbourne to Perth
Map of How to Get from Melbourne to Perth