There are a few different ways to travel from the capital of Norway, Oslo to Stavanger, a distance of 281 miles (453 km). The quickest route is by plane with a flight under an hour. Driving is an option and takes around 7-9 hours, depending on the trip.  

Public transport is also an option and offers impressive views, though plan to dedicate a travel day as it takes roughly 8-9 hours to reach Stavanger. 

Consider this Stavanger-Lysefjord Adventure 4-day tour offering a Lysefjord Boat Safari and hikes to Pulpit Rock and Kjerag.  

By Plane

Duration: 50 minutes

Air travel is the fastest and most convenient option. The journey is a non-stop, 50 minute relaxing flight. Traveling by plane is a good choice if you want to arrive quickly without a long drive or depend on public transport.

Flights are available daily on various air carriers. Tickets are usually reasonably priced, especially if you buy in advance or you’re flexible on dates. 

By Car

Duration: 7 hours

The most direct route takes 7 hours without stops, so plan for an 8-9 hour journey with pit stops for photos, food and bathroom breaks. Leaving Oslo, you’ll begin on the E18 and after an hour’s drive, you’ll pass by the Gjellebekkmyrene Nature Reserve. This reserve has many rare flora and fauna that thrive in a rich lime soil. 

You’ll pass by many rivers and lakes on this drive, including one of the largest lakes in Norway, called the Drammenselva. As you continue on, you’ll pass by the Frafjordheiane Natural Preserve where Kjerag is located. 

This route has electronic tolls, which will automatically be added to your bill when you return the vehicle to the rental company. 

An alternative route and without any tolls is on the E134 will add an hour and 20 minutes to your travel time, totaling around 8 hours and 20 minutes. Make sure you allow time for a few pit stops; for taking photos as well as enjoying a meal in one of the towns. 

By Train

Duration: 7 hours and 40 minutes

Taking the train is one of the most comfortable ways to get from Oslo to Stavanger. You can sit back, relax or walk around the train carriages as you enjoy the scenery. The trip takes 7 hours and 40 minutes with two afternoon departures and one night train offered during the week. The night train takes longer with a 9 hour journey time. You have the option to buy a sleeper car ticket, well worth the cost so you can wake up refreshed and ready to explore when you arrive the following morning. On Sundays, there is only one departure so make sure to plan accordingly.  

There is a cafe carriage offering Norweigean dishes, sandwiches, drinks, and snacks and is open during the duration of the trip. There are also power outlets next to all seats on this route, making it convenient to keep all your electrical devices charged. Wifi is also available on-board. 

You’ll want to have your camera accessible for an abundance of photo opportunities. 


Map of How to Get from Oslo to Stavanger
Map of How to Get from Oslo to Stavanger