The 47-mile (76 km) journey from Strasbourg to Colmar should take you no more than an hour if you do not stop along the way. Frequent, fast trains run between the two cities, and self-driving is quick and easy. However, there are many villages, vineyards, and attractions that will tempt you to linger a bit longer in this part of Alsace.

Bus service between Strasbourg and Colmar is available but not recommended, because traveling by train is quicker and more convenient.

If time permits, consider traveling along part of the Route des Vins d'Alsace (Alsatian Wine Route) or stopping in Riquewihr, Sélestat, Hunawihr, or some of the other towns and villages near the A35 autoroute (motorway) or the Route des Vins d'Alsace. You'll find castles, half-timbered buildings, museums, shops, and restaurants that serve up Alsace's unique dishes, such as tarte flambée and choucroute garnie.

Animal lovers and family groups will enjoy La Montagne des Singes (Monkey Mountain), a reserve in Kintzheim where you can meet Barbary Macaques up close, the nearby La Volerie des Aigles (Eagle Park), and NaturOparC, a stork and otter protection center near Hunawihr.

By Train

Duration: 30 minutes

SCNF and TER regional trains connect Strasbourg and Colmar. Traveling by train is the fastest and most efficient option for those who want to go straight from Strasbourg to Colmar without stopping.

By Car, Taxi, or Private Transfer

Duration: 1 hour or more, depending on stops

The fastest route from Strasbourg to Colmar is via the A35 autoroute, which is toll-free, and the D83 departmental road. The A35 passes close to Obernai and Sélestat, should you wish to detour to either to visit town squares, churches, and museums.

Alternatively, the Route des Vins d'Alsace offers a slower, more relaxed way to experience the journey from Strasbourg to Colmar. Whether you drive yourself or explore by taxi or private transfer, you will discover historic towns, castles, and vineyards that have been part of the landscape for centuries. Consider stopping for a wine tasting or taking a bicycle tour of this well-known European wine region.


Map of How to Get from Strasbourg to Colmar
Map of How to Get from Strasbourg to Colmar