Sydney and the Gold Coast don't look so far apart on the map, both being located on Australia's east coast, but there are actually 540 miles (870 km) between them. Nevertheless, it's easy to get from Sydney to the Gold Coast by air or overland.

By Air

Duration: 1.5 hours

Many flights per day make the trip between Sydney and the Gold Coast, and they take less than 1.5 hours.

If for some reason, you're unable to get a flight directly to the Gold Coast, it's only a 45-minute train journey from the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane. Flying from Sydney to Brisbane (of which there are many flights per day) and then traveling onward to the Gold Coast would still be quicker than other forms of transport.

By Private Car

Duration: 10 hours

Driving between Sydney and the Gold Coast is certainly not the fastest way of getting between the two places, but many travelers like to rent a car in Australia to enjoy some fantastic road trips. Driving directly between Sydney and the Gold Coast would be long and a bit uncomfortable, but the journey could be broken up into smaller sections and spread over a few days. 

There are a few different roads you could take to get from Sydney to the Gold Coast, but the most direct and the most interesting follows a mostly coastal route. Points of interest worth stopping at along the way include the Central Coast of New South Wales, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, and Byron Bay.

By Bus

Duration: 15-17 hours

It's also possible to make the above road trip by bus. However, buses take much longer than driving directly, and you don't have the same flexibility. Plus, buses don't tend to be cheaper than flying, making this a less desirable option.

By Train

Duration: 15 hours

Although it's not possible to go the whole way from Sydney to the Gold Coast on a single train journey, travelers who would prefer to take the train aren't completely out of luck. It's possible to get a train from Sydney to the town of Casino, from where buses meet the train to travel the final two-three hours to the Gold Coast. There are both daytime and overnight services.

Alternatively, you can take an overnight train from Sydney to Brisbane, and then continue on to the Gold Coast from there. The Gold Coast is less than an hour's drive or train journey from Brisbane, so this could be a convenient option whether or not you planned to rent a car to get around the Gold Coast.


Map of How to Get from Sydney to the Gold Coast
Map of How to Get from Sydney to the Gold Coast