It is quite a distance from Sydney to Kakadu National Park – 2,460 miles (3959 km) – and the logical way to travel such a long distance is to fly. There are no direct trains or buses that travel over this route from the far southeast to one of the most northernmost spots in Australia, but if driving across the Outback has been a part of your fascination with seeing Australia, then renting a car or a camper van and taking your time on the drive is the other option.

To see both Sydney and Kakadu, as well as many of Australia's other iconic cities and natural wonders, consider this Ultimate Australia - 16 Days tour. It begins in Melbourne, then moves on to Adelaide, Uluru, Darwin (and Kakadu), Cairns and finally concludes in Sydney. 

By Plane

Duration: 4.5 hours

Catch a nonstop flight from Sydney (SYD) to Darwin (DRW) on Qantas, Virgin Australia or Jetstar, a trip that will last almost five hours in the air. Once in Darwin, you will need to rent a car or a camper van to get the 157 miles (253 kilometers) to the wilderness that makes up Kakadu National Park. Or book a day tour out of Darwin to Kakadu by consulting one of our local experts there, as they are happy to help you arrange the perfect booking for your needs.

By Rental Car

Duration: 45 hours

Tackling the drive from Sydney to Kakadu is best done in slow, sightseeing segments, as the straight-through trip takes almost two days. But if you're ready to drive on the left side of the road and pay a premium for gasoline (Australia is an island after all, with elevated gas prices), make a road trip of it that lasts a number of days and allows you to stop and see the countryside along the way through New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

By Camper Van

Duration: 45 hours

Choosing to rent a camper van in Sydney to take a touring drive of the vast landscape between Sydney and Kakadu means you'll be able to stop wherever you like along the way and rest, cook and sleep in the van. It's a popular way to see the vast Australian landscape, with lots of campgrounds available along the way. Our local experts are on hand to help you sort out the logistics of both renting and returning a camper van once your adventure is completed.