Queenstown, the largest town in Tasmania's west, is quite isolated from other towns in Tasmania, let alone mainland Australia. But, it's well connected to Sydney by air. Here's how to get from Sydney to Queenstown, Tasmania.

By Air

Duration: 2 hours

As Sydney and Queenstown are separated by 930 miles (1500 km) and the Bass Strait, flying is by far the quickest and easiest way of traveling between the two places. 

A few direct flights per day run from Sydney to Queenstown, and take less than two hours. A few more flights stop in Melbourne en route, which adds a bit of time to the journey, but not significantly.

If you find booking a flight from Sydney to Queenstown difficult or too expensive (for example, if you're making travel arrangements last minute and are traveling in peak season), there are more daily flights between other Tasmanian cities, especially Hobart and Launceston. From these places you could catch an onward flight, or drive the 3.5-4 hours from Hobart, or 3.25 hours from Launceston.

Driving from Sydney or catching a ferry would first require traveling to Melbourne. Find out more about getting to Tasmania in our article: How to Get to Tasmania.


Map of How to Get from Sydney to Queenstown
Map of How to Get from Sydney to Queenstown