When making the 247-mile (398 km) trip Tangier to Fes, there are two options to consider. Going by car with a private driver is the best option and takes between four and five hours along the coast, with many towns and points of interest along the way—you'll want to take the whole day to make the trip. A train is also available, and booking in advance is recommended if you care to reserve a seat.

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 4-5 hours

Depending on traffic, you can expect your trip from Tangier to Fes to take anywhere between four and five hours if you travel the most direct route along the coast. There are many scenic stops and other points of interest along the way, where a private driver can pause your journey in order for you to get out, take photographs, and explore. 

The route will take you along part of the west coast of Morocco, which many charming villages along the way. You can stop in Kenitra, an old port city with lovely architecture, including elaborate public fountains. Turning inland, your trip will then take you through the Mamora Forest, which is famous for its cork oak trees, and onward to Meknes, an old imperial city with ornate palaces, gates, and classic Moorish architecture.

Those willing to take a slightly longer route, of about six hours, may wish to drive through Chefchaouen, the famous "blue city" so-called for the blue-washed walls of the buildings in its old town. 

By Train

Duration: 4 hours 

The train leaves from the central station in Tangier and arrives in Fes four hours later. Travelers should opt to book a first-class ticket, so that they may select their seats—especially good for those who want a window seat to watch the countryside go by. 


Map of How to Get from Tangier to Fes
Map of How to Get from Tangier to Fes