There are several ways to travel from Trondheim to Lofoten, a distance of 435 miles (700 km) and all require combining transport methods to arrive at Lofoten. The main point of entry to get to Lofoten is via the port town of Bodø—you can fly, drive, or take the train to get here, taking a ferry or express boat the rest of the way.

Flying is the fastest option, taking around an hour. You'll want to allow another hour to catch and ride the express boat. If you have considerably more time (11 hours) and want to see the landscape, taking the train or going by car is a beautiful journey. 

By Plane & Ferry or Express Boat

Duration: 1-hour flight + ferry or express boat

Air travel is the quickest and most convenient way to get to Bodø, a port city, to reach Lofoten. If you have a window seat and the weather is clear, you’ll have some nice views from above. Flights are around an hour and usually direct.

Flights operate several times a day with different carriers. However, if you take a non-direct flight, know that travel time can take 3-5 hours depending on the layover. Upon arrival in Bodø, you can catch the ferry or express boat. 

By Car & Ferry or Express Boat

Duration: 11 hours 

Going by car takes around 10 hours to drive 437 miles (704 km). When you set out from Trondheim, you’ll take the E6 main highway that goes from Southern to Northern Norway for the duration of the trip. This route takes you through mountain passages, lakes, rivers and fjords.

Shortly after you begin on the E6, you’ll see parts of the Trondheim fjord and later on your journey, you’ll pass by Ranfjorden, a fjord so keep in mind you’re going to want to make several pit stops for photos as well as a meal, so consider this when calculating your journey time.

On this drive, you'll pass through the Arctic Circle,  a great place to stop, stretch your legs and take some photos. Also, make time for a visit to the Arctic Circle Center. This route has toll roads. Once in Bodø, you’ll need to take the express boat or ferry. Keep in mind, the express boat does not accommodate cars. 

By Train & Ferry or Express boat

Duration: 11 hours 

Traveling by train from Trondheim via Fauske to Bodø is 453 miles (729 km) and takes 10 hours. Train travel is easy and comfortable with trains operating twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. Taking the night train is a good choice, if you prefer to sleep during the long journey and want to experience staying in a sleeper car. 

The train journey runs inland and you’ll see mountain passages, lakes, rivers, and sunsets. You will see landscapes that go unseen for those who go by car. The train passes through the Arctic Circle, though the train doesn't stop. Have your camera charged with plenty of space on your memory card.

If time permits, dedicate a day for travel and take the day time train to enjoy the scenery. There is a restaurant car that serves hot meals and sandwiches or plan in advance and pack your own meals. Once arriving in Bodø, you’ll need to catch a ferry or the express boat, which can be as short as a 30-minute ride.