There are about 290 miles (470 km) between Oslo and Trondheim, and traveling between them is one of the world’s most spectacular journeys—a breathtaking weave between mountains, valleys, glaciers, fjords, and forests, especially good in summer.

Taking the train is by far the most popular option, a 7-hour journey. It takes 6.5 hours by car, 8 hours by bus, or you can opt for a one-hour flight. The longest option is a days-long fjordic cruise around the west of Norway, which can take from three days to twelve.

Trains run 3-4 times daily on the Dovre Railway, which passes through the Gudbrandsdalen Valley and Dovrefjell Mountains. If it’s fall or winter, consider the night service, complete with well-furnished sleeper cabins. It’s easy to rent cars in either city (bonus: electric cars are widely available here), and there are multiple daily flights. 

This 12-day summer journey starts in Oslo before traveling by train and ferry to UNESCO-listed Bergen. From there, you'll drive past fjord-side villages to Ålesund, known for its art nouveau architecture, and Kristiansund, finishing in Trondheim.

By Train

Duration: 7 hours

This is the most rewarding and comfortable way to travel from Trondheim to Oslo. From the heart of Oslo Sentrum, it’s just minutes before you’re in nature. The route from Oslo travels north almost on a straight line, rivals the Oslo-Bergen route, and allows you to see the epic landscapes of the Rondane and Åndalsnes regions. 

The standard carriages are spacious and comfortable, and reserving a window seat is advised. Traveling at high speed (sometimes up to 210km/h), the ride is exhilarating. The single Vy Familie carriage boasts a playroom and children's library, with tickets the same price as standard but more accommodating to families traveling in Norway. KOMFORT Class offers a large, ergonomic seat, multi-purpose workstation and complimentary tea, coffee, and newspapers. The Vy Kafe is open to all aboard, offering an array of Norwegian delicacies, and all trains offer free wifi and air conditioning.

By Rental Car

Duration: 6.5 hours, more with stops

This is the best way to travel if you want to explore inland and make a few stops for hiking. The most notable stopover destinations are Lillehammer and the beautiful mountain village Røros, with the very best walks to be found in the Rondane area. Car rentals are available at the Oslo airport as well as downtown, and electric cars are widely available.

By Ferry Cruise

Duration: anything between 3 days to 1 week

Take a ferry cruise to see the west coast of Norway and stop off in a handful of noteworthy cities. It’s also the most authentically Norwegian way to go. Expensive but awesome in terms of scenic sightseeing, is the twelve-day Bergen–Kirkenes–Bergen voyage which stops at 34 ports including Trondheim and Oslo twice.

Hurtigruten is a committed Norwegian company changing the way cruising is done with their green initiatives. They promote the use of hybrid ships, bio-fuel, no-single use plastic, and onboard lectures/activities covering everything from the Northern Lights to the history of the coast’s fishing villages. As you’re covering so much terrain, pack for all types of weather—and cross your fingers for the aurora borealis.


Map of How to Get from Trondheim to Oslo
Map of How to Get from Trondheim to Oslo