With one week in Italy, you can visit 2-3 culinary regions. Wine lovers and honeymooners will enjoy sipping reds in the Chianti Hills and sampling white varietals in Cinque Terre. Aspiring chefs can join a pizza workshop in Naples, prepare a farm-to-table meal in Sorento, go truffle hunting in Alba, and make cannoli in Taormina. History buffs will appreciate the castles of Piedmont and a VIP tour of Rome, and those eager to experience Sicily can visit the ruins of Agrigento and try street food in Palermo.

Itinerary #1: Food & Wine in Italy: Bologna, Florence & Rome

This highlights itinerary is an excellent option for travelers interested in art and history in addition to foodie fun. You'll have the chance to admire Italian art and visit historic sites in Bologna, taste locally-made meat and cheese in Parma, try some of the region's best gelato and hit the popular sites in Florence, go wine tasting in the Chianti Hills, tour the highlights of Rome, and finally, learn to make pizza like a pro in a workshop with a master chef.

Wine tasting in Chianti? Yes please
Wine tasting in Chianti? Yes please!
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rome, Train to Bologna Bologna
Day 2 Day Trip to Parma, Prosciutto & Parmigiano Reggiano Tasting Bologna
Day 3 Train to Florence, Self-Guided Tour of the City Florence
Day 4 Tour of Tuscany & Wine Tasting Florence
Day 5 Train to Rome, Self-Guided Tour of the City Rome
Day 6 Free Morning, Afternoon Pizza Making Masterclass Rome
Day 7 Depart Rome  

On arrival in Rome, catch the train to Bologna and get a figurative and literal taste of the city's historic charm and gastronomy with a stroll through the famous Quadrilatero neighborhood and market. Then, admire art at the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna before tucking into tortelloni in brodo (meat-filled pasta served in a delicate broth). Take a day trip to Parma for a prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano tasting, then catch a train to Florence on Day 3, where you'll have time to sample some of the region's best gelato and see the sites, including the Piazza del Duomo, on your own.

Next, spend a day cruising the countryside, with stops for wine tasting in the Chianti Hills and a visit to the UNESCO-listed Medieval village of San Gimignano, where you'll have a chance to taste award-winning gelato in Piazza della Cisterna. Board a high-speed train back to Rome next to take in the sites, including the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, at your own pace. Your last full day starts with a croissant and espresso like a Roman at a local bar, followed by a visit to the Testaccio market to sample favorites such as porchetta, and, finally, fit in one last culinary experience: a pizza-making workshop. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Tastes of Southern Italy: Rome, Naples & Sorrento

Aspiring chefs and those who enjoy hands-on activities will love the interactive experiences on this trip to Southern Italy. You'll learn how to prepare classic Italian dishes in a cooking class in Rome, take a street food tour and participate in a pizza masterclass in Naples, and cook alongside local chefs during a culinary workshop at a family-run farm in Sorento. With a VIP tour of Rome and visits to Pompeii and Vesuvius, this trip is also an excellent choice for history buffs.

Enjoy authentic Italian gelato in Rome's Piazza Navona
Enjoy authentic Italian gelato in Rome's Piazza Navona
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rome, Evening Aperitivo & City Sights by Night  Rome
Day 2 VIP Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour, Classic Italian Cooking Class Rome
Day 3 Train to Naples, Street Food Tour Naples
Day 4  Explore Naples, Neapolitan Pizza Masterclass Naples
Day 5 Transfer to Sorrento via Pompeii, Aperitivo & Evening Stroll  Sorrento
Day 6 Day Trip to Capri, Cooking Class at a Family-Run Farm Sorrento
Day 7 Return to Naples, Depart  

Start in Rome with an evening aperitivo (pre-meal drink) and tour that includes the Testaccio market, carciofi alla giudia (Jewish fried artichokes) in the Jewish Quarter, and sunset at Gianicolo Hill. On Day 2, enjoy a private tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, followed by a cooking class where you'll learn the art of pasta making. Then, take the train south to Naples for a street food tour that includes a stop at the Mercato dell Pignasecca and local delights like taralli (circular breadsticks) and mozzarella di bufala.

Wander the lively streets or take a self-guided tour of the churches, museums, and historical highlights on a free morning in Naples, then try your hand at making pizza in a masterclass with a local expert. On Day 5, you'll visit the ruins of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius en route to Sorrento, where you'll partake in the town's aperitivo traditions and visit famous landmarks, such as the Duomo, on a walking tour of the Centro Storico. Catch the ferry to Capri and soak up the island vibes and views from Mount Solaro before returning to Sorento to cap off your trip with a cooking class at a family-run farm. Learn more

Itinerary #3: A Sicilian Food Adventure: Palermo, Syracuse & Taormina

Discover Sicily with this food adventure, perfect for travelers eager to immerse in the culture, cuisine, and wine. You'll join wine and street food tours in Palermo, visit the Agrigento archaeological site, attend a traditional puppet show and participate in a Sicilian cooking class in Syracuse, learn how to make the perfect cannoli in Taormina, and sample wine at family-run vineyards on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Savor arancini with a sea view in Sicily
Savor arancini with a sea view in Sicily
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Palermo, Sicilian Wine Tour Palermo
Day 2 Palermo Street Food Tour, Free Afternoon Palermo
Day 3 Transfer to Syracuse, Visit Agrigento, Traditional Puppet Show Syracuse
Day 4 Market-to-Table Sicilian Cooking Experience, Free Afternoon Syracuse
Day 5 Transfer to Taormina, Visit the Greek Theater, Cannolo Cooking Class Taormina
Day 6 Full-Day Mount Etna Winery Tour Taormina
Day 7 Return to Palermo, Depart  

On arrival in Sicily, sip your way around Palermo on a wine tour, then sample local dishes like panelle (chickpea fritters) and arancini (deep-fried rice balls stuffed with meat, vegetables, and cheese) and desserts (yes, there's cannoli!) on a street food tour through the Vucciria and Capo markets. Next, your driver will take you to the Agrigento archaeological site on the way to Syracuse on Day 3. Once in there, you'll attend a traditional puppet show in the Giudecca neighborhood, then select fresh ingredients at Mercato Ortigia for your Sicilian cooking class.

The journey continues to Taormina, where you'll visit the famous Greek Theater and learn how to make the perfect cannoli in a workshop with a local pastry chef. Spend your final full day on the slopes of Mount Etna, visiting three family-run wineries, learning about the winemaking process, and, of course, sampling the offerings. Indulge in one last Sicilian dinner by the sea before returning to Palermo for departure. Learn more

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Itinerary #4: Food & Wine in Piedmont: Turin, Alba & Barolo

Explore Piedmont, Italy's Northwest region, at the foot of the Alps on this foodie getaway. Ideal for truffle and chocolate-loving travelers, you'll indulge in Turin's signature chocolatey espresso drinks and nibble truffle-flavored meats and cheeses at Porto Palazzo, taste locally-produced wines in family-run vineyards and centuries-old castles in Barolo, and enjoy a truffle hunting excursion in Alba. 

See castles and sip wine in Barolo
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Milan, Train to Turin Turin
Day 2 Guided Tour of Turin, Free Afternoon Turin
Day 3 Drive to the Langhe Wine Region, Explore the Piedmont Countryside Barolo
Day 4 Barolo & Barbaresco Winery Tour Barolo
Day 5 Drive to Alba, Guided Tour of the City Alba
Day 6 Truffle Hunting Experience  Alba
Day 7 Depart Italy  

You'll arrive in Milan and catch the train to Turin, the capital of Piedmont, and your home base for two nights. Head to Porto Palazzo, the largest open-air market in Europe, for your first taste of the region's truffle-flavored meats and cheeses before dining on brasato al Barolo (braised beef in Barolo wine) at a restaurant near the Piazza Vittoria Veneto. Join a walking tour of the city's architectural treasures, including the Royal Palace, before enjoying a bicerin (a chocolatey espresso drink) in a café. Then, on Day 3, drive to Barolo and overnight for two nights, where you'll visit the 10th-century Castello Falletti and taste regional wines. 

Next, you'll tour family-run vineyards in the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato region, a wine-growing area that's earned UNESCO World Heritage status, and then taste a moscato or grappa dessert wine at Grinzane Castle. Continue to Alba, where your guide will take you along the cobbled streets to see the frescoed ceiling of Cattedrale di San Lorenzo. Finally, end your journey with a memorable Piedmont culinary experience: truffle hunting in the countryside with a trifulau (truffle hunter) and their tabui (truffle-hunting dog), followed by a meal prepared with your truffles. Learn more

Itinerary #5: An Italian Wine Journey through Tuscany & Cinque Terre

This wine-focused itinerary is ideal for those who appreciate historical sites and medieval architecture alongside exploring Italian vineyards. You'll enjoy a farmhouse stay and home-cooked meal in Colle di Val D'Elsa, take a private tour of Florence, sip a variety of red wines in Val d'Orcia and the Chianti Hills, sample Sassicaia wine in Bolgheri, explore the medieval city of Siena and village of Volterra, and end your journey with Ligurian cuisine and white wines in the colorful Cinque Terre. This trip's scenic drives, romantic countryside, and coastal settings also make it an excellent option for couples and honeymooners.

Wine tasting in Chianti
Wine tasting in Chianti
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Florence, Transfer to Colle di Val D'Elsa Colle di Val D'Elsa
Day 2 Private Tour of Florence  Colle di Val D'Elsa
Day 3 Wine Tasting in Montalcino, Visit Siena  Colle di Val D'Elsa
Day 4 Day Trip to Volterra & San Gimignano, Chianti Winery Visit & Tasting Colle di Val D'Elsa
Day 5 Transfer to the Cinque Terre via Bolgheri & Pisa La Spezia
Day 6 Visit Portovenere & Riomaggiore La Spezia
Day 7 Depart La Spezia  

Upon arrival in Florence, your driver will transfer you to Colle di Val D'Elsa or San Gimignano, where you'll stay in a traditional farmhouse and enjoy a tour, an aperitivo, and a home-cooked dinner. On Day 2, you'll spend the day in Florence on a private tour that takes you to landmarks like Il Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery and local cuisine, such as bistecca alla Fiorentina (flame-grilled T-bone steak). Next, your guide will bring you to Val d'Orcia to imbibe the red wines of Montalcino and visit the medieval city of Siena.

Day 4 is dedicated to exploring the cobbled streets and medieval architecture of Volterra and San Gimignano, followed by a wine tasting in the Chianti Hills. Then, sample sassicaia wine in Bolgheri before continuing to Cinque Terre, stopping at Pisa to see the iconic Leaning Tower. Make the most of your final full day in Cinque Terre with visits to the colorful coastal villages of Porto Venere and Riomaggiore, where you'll experience Ligurian cuisine—culinary traditions from northwestern Italy—and local white wines. Learn more

Itinerary #6: Food & Wine in Verona, Padua & Venice

Travelers who want to discover the culinary delights of Italy's Northeast will be pleased with the possibilities on this trip. After visiting sites that inspired Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and learning how to make pasta and risotto in Verona, you'll sample fresh produce at the markets in Padua, indulge in more local produce during an olive oil and wine tasting excursion in the Euganean Hills, taste honey and other locally-made and grown products at Rialto Market, and experience the Venetian version of tapas in Venice.

Spritz and cicchetti in Venice
Spritz and cicchetti in Venice
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Venice, Train to Verona Verona
Day 2 Pasta & Risotto Masterclass, Free Afternoon Verona
Day 3 Day Trip to Lake Garda Verona
Day 4 Train to Padua, Free Afternoon Padua
Day 5 Euganean Hills Wine & Olive Oil Tasting Padua
Day 6 Self-Guided Visit to Venice Padua
Day 7 Depart Padua  

You'll arrive in Venice and head to Verona via train, then set out to see famous sights like the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheater, and the house said to have inspired Juliet's balcony in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Next, you'll learn the art of pasta and risotto-making in a cooking class led by a local chef before making a day trip to Lake Garda on Day 3. Here, you'll visit lakeside villages, taste regional dishes, such as bigoli con le sarde del Garda (a pasta dish made with sardines), and cruise to Peschiera del Garda, where you can check out the Roman ruins and try formagella di tremosine cheese and sbrisolona crumble cake.

Catch a train to Padua, where you can admire the architecture of the Basilica di Sant'Antonio, shop for artisanal eats at the market, and people-watch at the Piazza. On a half-day tour to Euganean Hills National Park, you'll have the chance to sample olive oil, wines, and fresh produce at an acclaimed winery. Finally, take a day trip to Venice on Day 6, where you can choose your own adventures, perhaps cruising the canals, touring Saint Mark's Basilica, tasting local honey at Rialto Market, and savoring one last glass of wine alongside plates of cicchetti (the Venetian version of tapas) at a local bar. Learn more

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Map of 1 Week in Italy - 6 Food & Wine Itinerary Ideas
Map of 1 Week in Italy - 6 Food & Wine Itinerary Ideas