Discover Jordan's cultural heritage through art and food on this six-day adventure. Start in Amman, learning more about the country's history through street art before setting out to see its famous Roman and Byzantine ruins at Umm Qais and Jerash. Get a glimpse of rural life with a hike through the Ajloun Forest Reserve, where you'll also try out traditional crafts like soap making and Arabic calligraphy before diving into modern brewery techniques and a hands-on cooking class back in Amman.


  • Walk among some of the world's best-preserved Roman ruins in Jerash
  • Witness artists creating soap, weaving on handlooms, and creating pottery
  • Cook a traditional Jordanian feast before feasting with sprawling views of Amman
  • Learn to write your name in Arabic calligraphy
  • Go on a foraging tour around the ancient city of Umm Qais

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amman, Downtown Street Art Tour Amman
Day 2 Archaeological Tour of Pella, Transfer to Umm Qais, Foraging Tour Umm Qais
Day 3 Transfer to Ajloun via Jerash Tour, Ajloun Soap House Hike Ajloun
Day 4 Calligraphy Class, Countryside Farm Visit, Transfer to Amman Amman
Day 5 Visit Iraq al-Amir Women's Cooperative, Carakale Brewery Tour Amman
Day 6 Alternative Tour of Downtown Amman, Cooking Class in Beit Sitti, Depart   

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Amman, Downtown Street Art Tour

Explore a different side of Jordan with a street art tour led by a local guide

Welcome to Jordan! Your private driver will be waiting at the airport to take you to your accommodation in Amman, the capital of this desert country. Once an Iron Age stronghold turned Roman Decapolis, Amman is a perfect mix of old meets new. The city is studded with ancient ruins tucked between modern buildings and mosques. Leave your bags back at the hotel and lace up your comfy walking shoes to get started exploring the "City of Stairs." 

You'll get your first introduction to the city on a downtown street art tour. Learn more about Amman's artistic community as you follow a private guide who's deeply entrenched in the city's vibrant hip-hop scene. Walk through bustling neighborhoods and quiet alleyways in search of colorful murals that tell the story of Jordan while simultaneously learning more about Amman's history and contemporary culture. You'll also get a birds-eye view of the city from several different perspectives along the way.

Day 2: Archaeological Tour of Pella, Transfer to Umm Qais, Foraging Tour

See ancient ruins at Pella and Umm Qais

Today starts with a 1.5-hour transfer from Amman to Pella, an ancient archaeological site over 6,000 years old. With the help of your private guide, you'll uncover well-preserved Roman ruins and Byzantine temples tucked in rolling green hills. Roman baths, Byzantine homes, and an Islamic mosque are just some of the features you can look forward to exploring. Afterward, get back on the road for the 40-minute transfer from Pella to Umm Qais, where you'll be spending the night. This city was once known as Gadara and is home to impressive ruins, including ancient theaters and Ottoman villages.

After settling in at your hotel, spend this afternoon on a foraging excursion with a local guide. The surrounding hills are full of edible plants, veggies, and fruit-bearing trees that are ripe for the picking, and you'll set off in search of these delicious, natural ingredients, including chamomile, almonds, and mushrooms. You'll be supplied with walking sticks, foraging bags, water, and tea with snacks to help fuel your culinary adventure. 

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Day 3: Transfer to Ajloun via Jerash Tour, Ajloun Soap House Hike

Hike through the Mediterranean-like landscapes of Ajloun Forest Reserve

Grab a delicious breakfast at your hotel this morning to help nourish your body for another day of exploring dense forests and crumbling ruins. First, you'll transfer just over an hour south to see some of the world's best-preserved Roman and Byzantine ruins at Jerash with a private tour. Spend four hours discovering this Greco-Roman city with highlights like the second-century Hadrian's Arch, the Temple of Artemis, a coliseum, fountains, and colonnaded avenues. It's not difficult to imagine what life was like around 63 BCE, Jerash's heyday, although this city was inhabited for thousands of years.

This afternoon, your driver will continue 30 minutes west to the Ajloun Forest Reserve, where you'll spend the night among a landscape of wooded hills and small valleys. Once you've settled in, meet your local guide and set off on a three-hour hike. You'll be following the Soap House Trail, a 4-mile (6.5 km) trek that winds through meadows of colorful wildflowers and forests of strawberry and pistachio trees. The grand finale is the Ajloun Soap House, where local women create Orjan pure olive oil soap. Purchase your very own herb-infused soaps to take home as souvenirs before making your way back to the start.

Day 4: Calligraphy Class, Countryside Farm Visit, Transfer to Amman

Try your hand at practicing Arabic calligraphy

Continue your immersion into Jordanian culture today with a private calligraphy class at the Calligraphy House in the Ajloun Forest Reserve. Learn about the principle methods of Arabic calligraphy from local women as you practice writing your name with a dried reed instrument in the peaceful setting of the surrounding forest. You'll get to take this and your calligraphy home as a beautiful souvenir. 

Later in the day, your driver will take you on an hour's drive back toward Amman, stopping en route at a farm in the As-Salt countryside. Here, you'll follow along with a local woman as she teaches you to make homemade jam with flavors like hibiscus and oregano, depending on the season, and jameed, traditional dried yogurt. You'll get the chance to sample these delicacies and purchase a jar or two to bring home before heading back into the city for the evening. 

Day 5: Visit Iraq al-Amir Women's Cooperative, Carakale Brewery Tour

Sample beer from Jordan's first craft brewery

Day five begins with a visit to the Iraq al-Amir Women's Cooperative. You'll meet local Ammani women and watch as they practice their skilled crafts, from paper making to pottery and handloom weaving. Join the ladies for lunch afterward, sharing in a traditional meal. This co-op aims to support women in their artistic endeavors, aiming for them to become financially independent while also preserving local heritage through traditional crafts. Don't miss the chance to grab a one-of-a-kind souvenir or two to take home with you.

You'll head for the Carakale Brewery this afternoon. Tour the facility, learning more about Jordan's first craft brewery, all bottled and brewed here in Amman. Sample some of their refreshing beers that are cold-fermented and brewed in the German tradition, like the Blue Valley Kolsch, Blonde Ale, or Pale Ale. Although the topic of drinking can be a bit contentious, ideas around alcohol are more relaxed in Jordan than in neighboring countries, and the brewery aims to continue paving the way for craft beer in the Middle East.

Day 6: Alternative Tour of Downtown Amman, Cooking Class in Beit Sitti, Depart 

Learn to cook traditional Jordanian recipes passed down for generations

Celebrate your last day in Jordan with a private tour that gives you a local's-eye view of downtown Amman. You'll explore the far east and west neighborhoods of Jabal al-Weibdeh and Jabal al-Jofeh, seeing the stark differences between the two while also uncovering graffiti, street art, and local markets along the way. End the experience by enjoying fresh-brewed tea on a local's rooftop with expansive views over the city.

Fit in one last culinary experience before your flight with a cooking class in Beit Sitti, located in the oldest neighborhood in Amman. Beit Sitti directly translates to "Grandmother's House" and was founded by three sisters who preserve and share their grandmother's recipes. Learn to prepare traditional Jordanian dishes for two hours before gathering on their terrace, overlooking the White Hills, for a four-course feast. Your driver will whisk you off to the airport for your flight this afternoon, with memories still fresh in your head. Wave goodbye to Jordan from the clouds!

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Map of Cultural & Culinary Tour of Northern Jordan- 6 Days
Map of Cultural & Culinary Tour of Northern Jordan- 6 Days