Experience all the kid-friendly highlights of Spain with this 10-day excursion pairing the royal heritage of Madrid with the unique culture of southern Spain. Kids love trying all the treats (like churros dipped in chocolate), touring iconic sights like the Alhambra, walking in the countryside of Andalusia, and spending an entire day on the beach.


  • Learn how to make delicious marzipan in Toledo
  • Enjoy a beach day near Málaga, in Nerja
  • Cruise the Mediterranean coast at sunset
  • Make memories in the Andalusian countryside

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Madrid, Explore the City Madrid
Day 2 Madrid for Kids Walking Tour, Free Afternoon Madrid
Day 3 Family Day Trip to Toledo Madrid
Day 4 Travel to Granada & Explore The City Through Its Scents Granada
Day 5 Family Tour of the Alhambra & Flamenco Show Granada
Day 6 Travel to Málaga via Frigiliana & Nerja Málaga
Day 7 Enjoy the Beaches of Málaga & a Sunset Cruise Málaga
Day 8 Private Transfer to Seville via Ronda & the White Villages Seville
Day 9 Self-Guided Walking Tour of Seville Seville
Day 10 Depart Spain  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Madrid, Explore the City

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Welcome to Spain! Upon arrival in Madrid, check into your downtown hotel and then have the rest of the day free to explore the city. Tomorrow will be the grand tour of this historic metropolis, so check out some more leisurely or personalized activities this afternoon and evening. 

Perhaps you could take in a show! Gran Vía is Madrid's answer to Broadway, and on it, you'll find plenty of theaters showcasing plays and musical productions, many of which suit family outings. Past kid-friendly options have been "El Rey León" (The Lion King) and "Aladdin: The Musical." The options for culture in this city are vast, and you could also visit museums, art galleries, and live music venues if the mood strikes. For example, Madrid's most important museum, El Prado, provides an excellent kids' tour with a scavenger hunt. 

When night falls, indulge in Madrid's world-class culinary scene. If you want to dine amid history, head to the city center and Botín, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant in the world—it first opened its doors in 1725. Kids are always excited to eat here, and adults will love it, too. 


Day 2: Madrid for Kids Walking Tour, Free Afternoon

Eat one of Spain's most delicious snacks: churros with chocolate

On a private walking tour, you'll explore Madrid's historic center from a kids' perspective, so get ready for games, wonder-filled stories, and even a little Spanish language practice. While exploring, you'll make stops for two kid-approved snacks: Spanish-style ham sandwiches and churros dipped in chocolate.


You'll pass Madrid's main sights: the Royal Palace, Plaza de la Villa, San Miguel Market, Plaza Mayor, and the Puerta del Sol. Your entertaining and energetic guide will keep the kids engaged throughout the walk with intriguing stories of Spanish history—think explorers, kings and queens, princes and princesses, artists, and more. You'll make your first stop at a family-owned jamón shop to taste Spain's prized Iberian ham and other cured meats, plus learn how to make bocadillos (traditional Spanish sandwiches). Your second food stop is for piping hot churros and chocolate at one of the city's most famous spots. 

After this adventure, you'll have a free afternoon to explore Madrid on your own. One idea is to explore Retiro Park, where you can hire a rowboat and paddle around the park's lake, visit the tiny house known as Casita del Pescador, and check out the Crystal Palace, a structure made almost entirely of glass with free art exhibitions. When hungry, head to San Miguel Market, where you can buy various kid-adored-and-approved tapas from the many stalls. 

Day 3: Family Day Trip to Toledo

family pose for a picture with Toledo as a backdrop
A family poses for a picture with Toledo as a backdrop

A half-hour train ride south of Madrid lies Toledo, a historic city once Spain's capital in the 16th century. It enjoys a scenic location atop a gorge overlooking the Río Tajo, an impressive sight for even the youngest travelers.

In the Middle Ages, Toledo was the "city of the three cultures," a place where—legend has it—Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities peacefully coexisted. You can see remnants of this in the old Arab, Muslim, and Christian monuments that still stand. These include the 15th-century Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the former Roman palace Alcázar de Toledo, and the Moorish Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, which dates to the 12th century.

Enjoy visiting these historic landmarks and more in this incredible city that many describe as an open-air museum—perfect for curious kids—and listening to exciting stories and tales of Toledo's history. Then, take part in two kid-friendly activities. You'll first explore the world of Toledo steel and visit a foundry where ancient blacksmiths forged unique swords. Lastly, visit a cigarral, a manor estate, to learn how to make the city's famed (and perfectly sweet) marzipan.

Day 4: Travel to Granada & Explore The City Through Its Scents

The Alhambra in Granada
An iconic view of The Alhambra in Granada

After a leisurely breakfast, you'll make your way to the train station in Madrid with your pre-booked tickets and board a 3-hour train service to Granada. Upon arrival, settle into your hotel before enjoying an afternoon exploring this incredible city through its signature blend of scents.

This unique, family-friendly guided tour of Granada will submerge you in an authentic experience, transporting you to different eras in the city's history through scents tied to every age and locale. Discover the fragrances of sites like The Bañuelo, a hammam (Arab bath) from the Ziri period, the grand Granada Cathedral, built in the 16th century and constructed over the site of a mosque, and the colorful Alcaicería, once the traditional Moorish bazaar that's now full of Andalusian treats, trinkets, and souvenirs—a kid favorite!

You won't leave the scents of Granada behind; at the end of the tour, you'll receive a little box of the fragrances you've discovered during the guided route. Smells can bring you back to an experience or place, so you and your family can re-live this dynamic memory of your stay in Granada as often as you like.

Day 5: Family Tour of the Alhambra & Flamenco Show

Aerial View of the Alhambra in Granada
Aerial View of the Alhambra in Granada

No visit to Granada is complete without exploring the Alhambra, the city's most iconic landmark. Dating back to the 9th century, this famous palace/fortress complex was home to rulers of the Moorish/Muslim Nasrid Dynasty and the Royal Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Your local expert guide will explain all you need to know about the Alhambra in a fun and energetic way, keeping the little ones entertained as you move from room to room. The charming Generalife Gardens, filled with colorful flowers and fountains, highlight the tour.

Next, immerse yourself in one of the most distinct elements of Spanish culture, as the Andalusian region is the birthplace of the Flamenco dance. You'll get a fascinating overview of this culturally distinct musical genre, from its origins to its current global renown. You'll experience authentic Flamenco's power, passion, and drama during the evening's dance performance. Tip: Choose a seat near the back so the kiddos can have a little fun dancing themselves!

Day 6: Travel to Málaga via Frigiliana & Nerja

Caves of Nerja
Explore the caves of Nerja
Today is a day for a family adventure! A private driver will pick you up from your hotel in Granada and take you to Málaga, visiting the beautiful white villages of Frigiliana and Nerja along the way. During the Roman times, these villages painted some of the buildings white, a practical solution to stave off the region's hot weather, as white reflects light and heat. Today, you and your kids can enjoy exploring their ancient streets.

 Some highlights in Frigiliana include visiting the Molasses Factory housed in a 16th-century manor, the very last sugarcane factory still in operation in Europe, and walking up to the remains of a historic Arab Castle, where you'll enjoy truly incredible views. In Nerja, hang out in Plaza Balcón de Europa, a beautiful and buzzy square that eventually leads to the famed Balcón de Europa observation deck that sticks out over the water. Find a good place for lunch along the famously narrow and charming Calle de la Gloria

Your excursion wouldn't be complete without a visit to the magnificent Caves of Nerja, a series of caverns that stretch 5 miles (3 km), complete with hanging stalactites and columns, magical cave paintings, and a unique theater that holds regular concerts. You could also stop at the 19th-century El Acueducto del Águila or the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, a nature preserve and stretch of coastline with hiking trails leading to caves, beaches, coves, and incredible viewpoints. 

Day 7: Enjoy the Beaches of Málaga & a Sunset Cruise

Spain, Nerja - Nerja beach coastline
Swim, play, and relax on one of the beaches in or near Málaga

Kids love playing at the beach, so a family trip to southern Spain should include at least a day of swimming, lounging, snorkeling, and splashing around on the coast! In Málaga, you have plenty of options. For an easy beach day, opt to stay in the city and enjoy the golden La Malagueta Beach, located in the neighborhood of the same name in the city center.

If you prefer to explore the coast a bit and get away from the crowds, you can head about an hour east of the city by car to the fishing village of Nerja, which you visited yesterday. Known for its coastal cliffs and beautiful beaches, it's an excellent option for a day on the coast. You'll find several choices, including a few beaches inhabiting hidden coves if you prefer a more peaceful outing. 

End your beach day on the water with a peaceful sunset catamaran cruise—surely a highlight of the entire trip for kids! This excursion takes you aboard a catamaran for a voyage around the Bay of Málaga. Enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and incredible views across the water as you pass the region's fantastic beaches and mountainous coastline. As the sunset begins, toast (sparkling wine for adults, juice or soda for kids) this memorable experience with your family. 

Day 8: Private Transfer to Seville via Ronda & the White Villages

Enjoy an adventure out into the Andalusian countryside

Get ready for an incredible Andalusian road trip, something you and your family will surely remember for years to come! After breakfast, your driver will pick you up for the three-hour journey to Seville. However, you'll break up the drive with a stop in the village of Ronda. Kids love walking through the 19th-century Alameda del Tajo Park and standing above the El Tajo Gorge at the Mirador de Ronda and Puente Nuevo.

Next, you'll travel west to Sierra de Grazalema, a national park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The wild landscapes here feature towing limestone peaks, deep gorges, and storybook hamlets. You'll stop in Grazalema, a postcard village inhabited since Roman times and known for its famous local cheese. Depart via a mountain road called Puerto de las Palomas, which features viewing points at 3,795 feet (1,157 m) in altitude. From here, you'll have dramatic vistas and the perfect place to capture family memories and portraits—your driver is happy to snap a few pictures for you! 

Your destination is Seville, the perfect spot for a delicious tapas dinner. Favorite local delicacies include acorn-fed Iberian ham, gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp in oil), bacalao (salted cod), and plenty of kid-friendly grub, including patatas bravas, croquettes, and Spanish omelet.

Day 9: Self-Guided Walking Tour of Seville

Seville's Plaza de España
Seville's Plaza de España

Today is all about you and your family! Enjoy some time exploring Seville at your own pace, deciding what to see and do depending on your interests and energy levels. One idea is to visit the Plaza de España and María Luisa Park. For a relaxing family activity, rent a boat and row around the makeshift river. You could also tour the Royal Alcázar. Kids love all the hidden corners (one that unexpectedly plays music and another revealing an underground water source), though the animals on the grounds always seem to be the highlight!

If you'd like to enjoy views of Seville, take your kids to the top of the Giralda Bell Tower. As one of the most iconic symbols of Seville, the views from the top (accessible via a series of 35 ramps) are truly spectacular. You can also enjoy city vistas from Metropol Parasol. Though controversial at the time of construction, Seville's famous "mushrooms" are now an integral part of the cityscape. The views are certainly a highlight and with the help of an elevator, getting to the top is a much easier option for families. Enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar and spend some time marveling at the stunning Seville skyline as you walk along its unique pathways.

For those who need time running around and burning off energy, head to Isla Mágica or Agua Mágica. What's a family trip without a visit to a theme park, right? Seville's amusement wonderland, Isla Mágica (as well as its onsite waterpark, Agua Mágica), is an ideal choice for energetic kids who want some free time.

Day 10: Depart Spain

mother and daughter look over Retiro Park
Goodbye, Spain!

Your family adventure in Spain has come to an end! You'll make your way back to Madrid via the 3.5-hour train service, then head to the airport to catch your flight home. Safe travels! Adiós

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Map of Southern Spain Family Aventure from Madrid - 10 Days
Map of Southern Spain Family Aventure from Madrid - 10 Days