October is an excellent month for both nature and culture. You could base your trip around cultural sightseeing in Mexico City: visit the famous La Merced market, take a walking through the historic streets, and day-trip to Teotihuacán to see the world's third-largest pyramid. Or, head straight to the beaches of Acapulco (especially during the quieter latter-half of the month), to enjoy the sunshine and some very daring cliff-diving performances. Read on for more options.


The weather in Mexico in October starts becoming a bit milder but with warm weather in a lot of areas, particularly in the south. It is still hurricane season, and some places have a lot of rain while others have almost none. In the Yucatán Peninsula, it is the second, rainiest month, but it mainly rains during the first two weeks. Toward the end of October, the rainfall decreases, and you can expect more sunshine.

Overall, the weather is warm, with temperatures around  86-90 °F. It is the peak of hurricane season, and monsoons are common, which can cause some beaches to be closed off. Along the Pacific Coast, there is still rain on several occasions, but much less than during previous months.

The weather is a lot milder, and you can expect approximately 80-85 °F and plenty of sunshine. It is an excellent time to swim and enjoy outdoor activities. In Baja California, the hurricane season is coming to an end, and the second half of the month is the best time to visit. The temperatures become more pleasant, with approximately 90 °F.

There is almost no rain anymore in October in Mexico City, the rain is nearly gone, and temperatures are around 75-80 °F, perfect for sightseeing. The nights are colder, where you can expect about 50 °F. If you plan on visiting places that have a risk for hurricanes, make sure to have proper travel insurance and check if your accommodation has a hurricane guarantee. 

Crowds & Costs

October in Mexico is generally pretty quiet with fewer tourists and groups. If you plan a visit to the Pacific Coast, most people travel here during the first half of the month. If you want a more quiet time, it is better to go toward the end of the mont. The weather will be good, and you might even find a good deal or two on your bookings.

In the Yucatán Peninsula, the rates are cheaper than during winter, with not a lot of tourists. If you instead plan on going to Baja California, the second half of the month is better. You will find some discounts with few tourists. In Mexico City, it is the low season, and if you avoid traveling during the Day of the Dead weekend at the end of the month, you will most likely find reasonable prices on hotels and flights. It doesn't get hectic either. 

Where to go

In October, go on a cruise ship tour and visit beaches, enjoy sightseeing, and go swimming and diving. The great thing about going on a cruise is that you will avoid the places that might get hit by hurricanes, even if a lot of places are generally safe. You are almost guaranteed good weather and the best conditions for a variety of activities.

You can also take the opportunity in October to visit the inland destinations, such as Guanajuato, San Cristobal, and Mexico City. These places are great to enjoy history, sightseeing, and culture. Guanajuato is only a few hours from Mexico City by car, which makes for a great road trip if you want to explore both cities. It is particularly great for photography and catching beautiful sunsets with surrounding mountains.

Enjoy a theatre show, wander through colorful neighborhoods, and watch a symphony performance. You will also find a mummy museum here, as well as many historic churches and cathedrals. In Mexico City, you will find a fantastic market—La Merced. Mexico City is known for its cuisine, and you will surely find something delicious at the marker as well. The aromas, sights, and flavors are all incredible.

On Zocaro Square, you will find a lot of street performers and great restaurants. Take a day trip to Teotihuacan—only 30 miles from Mexico City. This archeological site is more than 2,000 years old, and you will find the world's largest pyramid here—The Pyramid of the Sun. Other places to visit are the Moon Pyramid and the Avenue of the Dead. Teotihuacan is the name of the Mesoamerican indigenous civilization and its central city, which was once the largest city in Mexico. 

In San Cristobal, you can enjoy a lot of indigenous cultures and fantastic scenery. Nature here is stunning, and there are a lot of indigenous people living here who are descendants of the Maya. The Tzotzil and Tzeltal are the most significant groups, and they speak their native language and wear beautiful traditional clothing. It is a great place to visit, and most people speak Spanish as well. 

If you want to see a different kind of entertainment, visit Acapulco and head to La Quebrada. This famous spot attracts many people from all over due to the cliff-diving performances, done by professional divers. It is not allowed to dive here since it is too dangerous for tourists, but the entertainment is fun. It is particularly interesting to watch since the diving here is so risky. 

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What to do

October is perfect for a quiet getaway to the beaches and enjoying the Mexican culture. In Guanajuato, attend one of the largest art festivals in October and see the city at its best. Catch a show at Teatro Juárez and head to El Jardín in front of the theatre to relax and watch the sunset. The theatre has a beautiful interior, so make sure to go inside even if you don't attend a show. While you are in the city, visit the La Valencia complex and descend the mine shafts here. Guanajuato was a silver mining town, and you see traces of it here. 

Visit the Iconographic Museum of Quixote (Museo Iconográfico Del Quijote). You will find displayed artwork and artifacts related to the fiction Don Quixote, and it is a museum well worth exploring. There are paintings and statues here associated with the story itself. 

In Acapulco, visit the Botanical Gardens with pools and aquatic plants. You will find many animal species as well, including birds, iguanas, and snakes. The gardens are located in the center, which makes it easy to visit. Continue to the Acapulco Cathedral - Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral, and walk through the interior. There is an impressive dome atop the building, and it is beautiful inside. 

Continue to the San Diego Fort and learn Acapulco's history. The fort has a beautiful view of the city's bay, which you can see from the roof or a viewing point outside the museum. In the old town, Zócalo, you can sit back and watch street performances and enjoy one of the many cafées. Once you are done with the history and culture sightseeing, take a tour to La Roqueta Island and go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. 

Events in November

Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, the second week of October. This event lasts for almost three weeks, up until the end of the month, and is one of the most significant cultural festivals here. There are a lot of performances and musical shows during the event with artists from around the world.

Day of the Dead in Mexico, October 31-November 2. Although this event takes place on November 2, the celebrations already begin in October. It is one of the most celebrated, if not the most, events in Mexico. The streets fill with performances and costumes, shows, and fabulous parades. 

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