Jungle exploration, warm-water swimming, and seasonal festivities: this is November in Mexico. It's quieter now than in the coming winter, and temperatures are pleasant on the Pacific Coast and in the Yucatán Peninsula. In Chiapas, head to the Agua Azul waterfall park or the less-visited Laguna Miramar. And Dia de los Muertos celebrations bring a joy to the whole country—the most fabulous parades are in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City.


In November, both the hurricane and the rainy season have ended in Mexico. The days are sunnier, and the evenings are often refreshing with some colder nights in many areas. The country is beautiful in November, and it is an opportunity to see Mexico in fall colors. In the Yucatán Peninsula, there is little rain with warm temperatures, perfect for swimming. You can expect around 85 °F, and the waters might even feel warmer than the air. In Mexico City, the weather gets colder with just occasional rain, but barely. During the day, the temperatures are around 70 °F and drop to approximately 45 °F during the night. 

In Baja California, there is a lot of sunshine, with the rain being almost gone as well. The temperatures during the day are approximately the same as in Yucatán. The nights tend to get a bit colder with average temperatures around 60-65 °F, and the sea cools down significantly as well. On the Pacific Coast, the dry season is starting, and the humidity increases. Toward the end of the month, you won't experience much rain, if any at all. The coast is perfect for a November visit and beach time. 

Crowds & Costs

November is still an excellent time to find deals on accommodation and flights, particularly at the beginning of the month. The crowds start increasing toward the end of November, but it doesn't get overly crowded. In Yucatán, it is the shoulder season, which means a lot of lower rates and few tourists. The Pacific Coast is more popular in November, and it is still a bit cheaper to travel, at least in the first half of the month.

If you are planning on visiting around the Day of the Dead celebrations, it is a good idea to book accommodation in advance. This event brings bigger crowds as Mexico has one of the biggest holidays during this time. 

Where to Go

There are many places to visit in Mexico in November. Baja California Sur and Cabo, Riviera Maya, Yucatán, Chiapas, and Puerto Vallarta are some of the most popular places during this time. In Los Cabos (or Cabo), it is an excellent time to enjoy snorkeling, particularly at the beginning of the month. Toward the end of November, the Gray whales are drawn here, and you can enjoy whale watching from a boat. You will also most likely encounter whale sharks at this time. 

November is perfect for exploring the forests and jungle in Mexico. It is an ideal time to head to Chiapas and go on jungle tours and discover the unique animal life, as well as nature here. One of the most beautiful places in Chiapas is Laguna Miramar, in southern Chiapas. This turquoise lake is nestled in the tropical rain forest and has one of Mexico's purest water. It takes almost a day to reach the area due to the remote location, but it is well worth a visit. Since not many people travel here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of Mexico's best treasures that many don't get to experience. 

Agua Azul (blue water)  is another place in Chiapas that is amazing to experience. The famous waterfall park is more easily reached, and you will surely enjoy this visit as well. It is located near Palenque. There are several pools here to enjoy swimming in, and you will reach it by walking on a path that is alongside the fall. November is less crowded, which makes this a great time to visit. It is also a good idea to choose to go on a weekday instead of the weekend. Some tours can be arranged almost daily. 

In Puerto Vallarta, you will experience different scenery than during other times. The fall makes the lush, green landscape surroundings genuinely stand out, which makes it a must-visit in November. The background of the Sierra Madre Mountains makes the scenery even more stunning. The sea temperatures are also warmer now than in the summer, and there are fewer tourists in general. A tip is to visit just before the Day of the Dead events, October 31-November 2, and then attend at least one of the festival celebrations. 

Speaking of the Day of the Dead, Mexico City has some of the grandest parades. A tip is to combine several cities during the event to get a variety of celebrations. If you want to enjoy the city for sightseeing, it is better to travel earlier in the month. To enjoy quality beach time and have a relaxing vacation, the Yucatán Peninsula is best for that in November. Some of the best places in this region are Tulum, Isla Holbox, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Isla Mujeres

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What to Do

There are a lot of events going on in November, and there is an abundance of activities in Mexico. It is one of the best times to dive and snorkel, particularly on Socorro Island. The sea is calm during this time, which creates perfect diving conditions. You will swim among beautiful manta rays, and this month, you also have the chance to witness whale sharks and humpback whales in the waters. Another place to spot these amazing creatures is near Puerto Vallarta. 

Around Los Cabos, you can enjoy even more whale watching. The best time to dive and snorkel here is at the beginning of the month. Go on a boat tour and head out to the waters to enjoy these great activities. This is also the month to visit the jungle forests and go on hiking trips. November brings beautiful scenery to the jungle, and it is one of a few months with both pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Spend several days in Chiapas to see as much as possible and enjoy this part of Mexico. If you enjoy Jazz, you will enjoy November. You can choose between attending a jazz festival in the cultural city of San Miguel de Allende or mix beach time with jazz in Riviera Maya. San Miguel de Allende has a lot of significant events throughout the month, so plan a trip here if you want to enjoy a lot of cultural events. 

Events in November

Revolution Day, throughout Mexico, November 20. Thus is the anniversary of the 1920 revolution, and you will spot parades all over the country. There is a lot of good food, singing and dancing with a lot of locals celebrating. 

Dia de Muertos (Days of the Dead), celebrated throughout Mexico, October 31-November 2. The event is held to honor and remember deceased relatives. It is a colorful event and one of the largest ones in Mexico. You will see the best parades in Chiapas, Mexico City, Patzcuaro, and San Andres Mixquic

Los Cabos International Film Festival in Los Cabos, Baja California, November 9-13. The film festival attracts huge crowds and is held in one of the best places in Mexico. People from all over the world attend the event to watch films and join celebrations with good food in a fantastic atmosphere. 

San Miguel de Allende Jazz Festival in Guanajuato, November 16-20. Enjoy some of the best jazz and blues in the historic city of San Miguel de Allende. This international festival brings concerts at venues such as the Angela Peralta Theater, San Miguel de Allende's Jardin Central, and the Cultural Center Rancho Los Labradors.

Riviera Maya Jazz Fest. The end of November and the beginning of December is a great time to check out some of Mexico's best jazz musicians and singers in Playa del Carmen

Festival Internacional Gourmet - International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta, November 11-20. The event brings some of the top chefs in the industry, and you will have the opportunity to attend cooking classes, taste the newest wines and tequilas, and enjoy specialized menus with delicious food. 

Festival Internacional del Globo - International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Leon, Guanajuato, November 18-21. Watch how more than 80 hot air balloons rise above Leon's Metropolitan Park and enjoy great concerts and exhibitions. 

Toh, Festival de Aves - Yucatan Bird Festival in the Yucatán Peninsula, November 25-27. If you enjoy birdwatching, this event is a must. However, it is exciting scenery for anyone who comes to visit. There are field trips, conferences, and a "birdathon." The event is held to promote the rich diversity of birds in the Yucatán and spread it to tourists, as well as tour providers. 

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