June kicks off the rainy season, but temperatures are warm and it can still be an excellent time to visit, depending where you go. The wet weather keeps crowds away, so you'll have the tourist sites virtually to yourself. And since the showers are scattered, you can be outside without getting poured on, a good thing since the scenery is gorgeous this time of year—there's foliage everywhere and Myanmar's botanical gardens come to life. 


There's no getting around the fact that there's rain in June. The southeast monsoon storms roll in, particularly toward the middle and latter part of the month, flooding the beaches and shutting down most of the coastal resorts. Throughout the rest of the country, it rains most of the month, although the showers vary in intensity and frequency.

Along the coast and in the south near Yangon, it's fairly heavy while up near Bagan and Mandalay, it tends to be much lighter. The temperatures remain hot so you don't have to worry about being chilly this time of year. Bagan and Mandalay average 91 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit and it's humid, too. The beaches hover around 86 degrees and in the hill and mountains, it's usually about 77 to 81 degrees. 

Crowds and Costs

For travelers who are averse to crowds, June is one of the best times to visit Myanmar. The rains clears out many of the tourists and most of the major sites see much less traffic. You won't see rows of buses lined up outside the Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan like you will in December, nor will the temples in Yangon be packed with people. On top of this, the prices will be lower, too. Many hotels will be running specials and at the restaurants and tourism offices, you'll find all sorts of off-season deals. 

Where to Go

June is a great time to head to Bagan where the rain is less frequent and when it does fall, it usually doesn't last as long. The temperatures are hot so in between showers, you can comfortably explore the temples and walk through the ancient ruins. It's also a great time for touring by bike where you can explore more of the archaeological ruins in a shorter amount of time—and also get to cover quicker if a sudden downpour occurs.

Mandalay is also pleasant this time of the year. It can be rainy but the air is warm (usually in the early 90s) and the sun makes appearances throughout the day when the rain lets up. The surrounding mountains are absolutely gorgeous in June with lush foliage and dewy, mist-covered trees. Hiking in the mountains to the east is exceptional this time of year, too, particularly around places like Pyin Oo Lwin and Hsipaw.

Inle Lake is beautiful in June as well. The hillsides are covered in remarkable greenery and the sunsets are striking this time of year. There's a fog in the air in the mornings and the evenings sometimes feature impressive lightning storms over the lake. In between showers, you'll be greeted to sunny, beautiful weather with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees.

If you visit Yangon, it's likely you'll encounter some heavy showers at some point during your stay; however, that's no reason not to go. With the exception of the outdoor markets, most of the tourist sites are indoors, especially the museums and temples—and it's easy to take a taxi in between them. Plus, similarly to the towns farther north, it doesn't rain the whole day so you'll still have plenty of chances to walk around observing the colonial architecture or strolling through the streets. 

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What to Do

In Old Bagan, there are more temples than you'll know what to do with. The entire region is covered in these magnificent archaeological ruins, each of which has a fascinating story behind it.

Check out the Shwezigon Temple which was ordered by King Anawrahta or visit the Ananda Temple, commissioned by his son King Kyansittha. In the evening, eat traditional Burmese food at the open-air Seven Sisters Restaurant (run by a family of seven sisters). This five-day "Highlights of Mandalay and Bagan" tour features sunrise on an elevated pagoda platform, along with a bike tour through the ruins and a cruise on the Irrawaddy River

In Mandalay, it's a great time to visit the U Bein Bridge for sunset where you can watch the brilliant colors filter through the wooden slats. To the northeast, the botanical garden in Pyin Oo Lwin is striking this time of year with the extra flora blooming. En route to  Pyin Oo Lwin from Mandalay, stop at the Dat Taw Gyaint waterfall which offers wonderful rainy season hiking. 

As you head farther south to the mountains of Inle Lake, hop in a long-boat to tour the scenic canals. As you cruise through the floating markets and houses on stilts, you'll see rare birds flying along the water and witness traditional Burmese life unfold. Visit the famous cigar ladies who will demonstrate how they roll tobacco or stop by the shop where the Kayan ("Longneck") women weave beautiful scarves. Check out the golden Hpaung Daw U Pagoda or drive up to the Red Mountain Estate Vineyards to catch sunset over the mountains. 

The only touristic part of the country you'll want to stay way from during the wet season is the coast, particularly in the south around Ngapali. This town, along with Ngwe Saung and others, will be closed down completely due to flooding and impassable roads. 

Events in June

Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival: June isn't a huge month for festivals in Myanmar. However, the town of Pakokku, just an hour outside of Bagan (on the Irrawaddy River), hosts a festive event to honor the Thiho Shin Pagoda. It takes place from the eighth waxing day of June (known locally as "Nayone") and goes up to the full moon. Villagers celebrate with food, dancing, traditional performances, and vendors who sell things like tobacco or Thanaka logs, the latter of which is used to make the yellow paste the Burmese apply to their skin.

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