April is a popular time of year for travel to the Philippines as it is at the end of the dry season before the rains arrive. Temperatures are generally hot in April, so many travelers will prefer beach vacations. A country of more than 7,000 islands, you're never too far from the coastline and a gorgeous beach in the Philippines. Read on for more information on traveling to the Philippines in April.


As a tropical country, the Philippines has two seasons: wet and dry. Temperatures are generally hotter in the wet season and cooler in the dry season. Still, April is toward the end of the dry season, so temperatures and humidity will be higher this month earlier in the season. However, the mountains inland will usually be cooler than coastal areas as they're higher in altitude. While there is regional and altitude-related variation in temperatures in the Philippines, expect temperatures of between 79°F and 93°F (26°C and 34°C) in April. 

Crowds & Costs

April is peak season for travel to the Philippines, although not generally as busy with international tourists as the cooler months of the dry season. However, domestic tourists will be out in force in April. The timing of Easter can hugely impact prices and the availability of rooms and transport in April. As a predominantly Catholic country, Easter is a significant holiday in the Philippines, and this sometimes falls in early April. Locals travel and take vacations, so expect business closures, higher prices, crowds in some places, and minimal hotel availability.

If you're visiting the Philippines during Easter, book your accommodation in advance or be prepared to pay very inflated prices or have to stay somewhere that isn't your first (or fourth) choice. Additionally, schools take vacation in late April and May. Therefore you can expect crowds of domestic travelers later in the month, regardless of when Easter falls. 

Where to Go

With the high temperatures, many travelers will want to stay near the sea this month. Over 7,100 islands make up the Philippines so there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a remote island escape or party central. One place worthy of your attention, especially if Easter falls during this month, is the small island of Siquijor, south of Cebu and east of Negros Island. There are excellent beaches and resorts, but it's less crowded than some other popular beach destinations. There are also beautiful waterfalls to swim in and enticing cliffs to jump from (if you're into that kind of thing!).

However, if you'll be in the Philippines over Easter, there's another reason to put Siquijor on your itinerary. On Holy Saturday (the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday), the island's faith healers and witch doctors prepare medicinal potions in a cauldron that they claim can heal all manner of ills. This isn't just an isolated event for Easter, though: the island is well-known among Filipinos for its traditional healers.

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What to Do

If you don't want to spend the whole trip in the ocean, head to higher inland areas for hiking adventures in a cooler climate. The Cordillera is a series of mountains stretching through northern Luzon and is a popular hiking destination, particularly at this time of year, because the altitude (some towns sit at around 4,900 feett/1,500 meters) leads to a cooler climate. The Banaue rice terraces in northern Luzon are sometimes referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World and a great place to go hiking.

You can also meet local tribal people, learn about the cultural diversity of the Philippines, and stay in homestays. The hanging coffins of the nearby Echo Valley are another destination worth trekking to, although not for the faint of heart. 

Events in April

Easter, nationwide. If Easter falls in April, various parades, performances, and passion plays with a local Catholic flavor can be seen all around the country during Holy Week.

Allaw Ta Apo Sandawa, Kidapawan CityMindanao. Highland tribes from the region west of Davao gather to honor the sacred Mount Apo, the tallest mountain in the Philippines.

Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival, Boracay. Local and international teams race in long wooden canoes (dragon boats) off Boracay's stunning White Beach.

Turumba Festival, Pakil, Laguna. This festival is held over seven consecutive weekends in April and May. It commemorates the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary, so seven acts of devotion are enacted, one on each weekend.

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