August is the middle of the rainy season in the Philippines, and it's the wettest month of the year in most places⁠—although it also happens to be the driest time of the year in others. If you choose your destination wisely, you can have a great time in the Philippines in August, particularly if you're a surfer. Find out more about traveling to the Philippines in August below.


August is the middle of the rainy season in the Philippines, which runs until October. The rains tend to be heaviest in July and August, but they affect various parts of the country differently; on the eastern seaboard, it's the driest month of the year. Expect temperatures averaging between 77°F and 91°F (25°C and 32°C) in August.

There's also a risk of typhoons in August. While some parts of the country are less susceptible than others (particularly Palawan and the southern Visayas), they can potentially make landfall anywhere. Typhoons can occur at any time of year and are increasingly unpredictable with climate change, but are most likely between June and September. Keep an eye on local weather reports if you're traveling to the Philippines in August, and be prepared to change your plans at short notice if a typhoon is on its way⁠. Typhoons come with heavy wind and rain and can be very destructive.

Crowds & Costs

August is the low season for travel to the Philippines as most international travelers prefer to come in the dry season. Locals don't travel much domestically this month because the new school year starts in June. If you do travel to the Philippines in August, you might get a good deal on accommodation and transport, and costs will be lower than earlier in the year.

Where to Go

Palawan is a long, thin island in the west of the Philippines and a popular beach destination. It's a perfect place to add to your itinerary in August because the risk of typhoons is lower here. The sheltered bays and karst islands poking out of turquoise seas are reminiscent of landscapes you'd find in Thailand or northern Vietnam. Underground rivers, pristine lagoons, white-sand beaches, waterfalls, and outrigger boat rides are just some of the things you can enjoy in Palawan and its surrounding smaller islands, even in August.

Mindanao is another great destination in August because it also doesn't receive too much rainfall. As well as white-water rafting (see more below), travelers in Mindanao this month can check out Davao City's Kadayawan Festival. This annual event in the third week of August celebrates the city's Chinese, Islamic, and local influences with parades, performances, and displays of fruit and flowers. There are also military parades.

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What to Do

Surf's up in parts of the Philippines in August. If you're an experienced surfer, head to Siargao Island in August. The small island off the northeastern coast of Mindanao is a year-round surfing destination, but August brings the biggest waves, including what has been called the best surf break in the Philippines, Cloud 9. Aim to surf it during mid or high tide, as the reef below the surface is very sharp and can cause problems for surfers at low tide.

Adventurous travelers who make it down to the southern islands might also want to try white-water rafting on the Cagayan de Oro River. This river in northern Mindanao is the longest in the Philippines, at 55 miles (90 km). June to December is the best time to raft on this river, as water levels are higher. It's surrounded by lush tropical jungle and offers rafting experiences for all levels. 

Events in August

Kadayawan Festival, Davao. This annual event in the third week of August is a harvest festival and celebrates the city's Chinese, Islamic, and local influences with parades and performances.

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Palawan: Adventure in Paradise - 6 Days. This six-day adventure will have you snorkeling, seeking out wildlife, riding an underground river, and kayaking the El Nido islands. 

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