This 10-day excursion into the great white north kicks off with a wild snowmobile tour through the wilderness and continues with a four-day snowshoe hike across the stunning fell landscapes of Pellas National Park. Rounding out the experience is a swim in a frozen Arctic lake followed by two days of dogsledding with friendly Alaskan huskies.


  • Go snowmobiling through the wilderness of Lapland 
  • Embark on a four-day snowshoe trek in Finland's far north
  • Float in the icy waters of a frozen Arctic lake 
  • Hop aboard a sled for a husky safari

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Lapland, Optional Activities  Rovaniemi
Day 2 Snowmobile Tour Rovaniemi
Day 3 Transfer to Hetta, Snowshoe Trek (Day 1) Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park
Day 4 Snowshoe Trek (Day 2) Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park
Day 5 Snowshoe Trek (Day 3) Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park
Day 6 Snowshoe Trek (Day 4), Transfer to Rovaniemi Rovaniemi
Day 7 Arctic Ice Floating Rovaniemi
Day 8 Transfer to Riisitunturi, Husky Safari (Day 1) Riisitunturi National Park.
Day 9 Husky Safari (Day 2), Transfer to Rovaniemi Rovaniemi
Day 10 Depart Finland  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Lapland, Optional Activities 

Santa Claus Village, in Lapland

Welcome to Finland! You'll arrive in Lapland, the northernmost region of the country. Located mostly within the Arctic Circle, this active outdoor destination is known for its vast, unspoiled wilderness and light phenomena like the midnight sun and aurora borealis (northern lights). Perhaps most famously, Lapland has been designated the official home of Santa Claus. Yet it's also the land of the Sámi people, the only Indigenous tribe in the European Union.

You'll touch down at the airport in Lapland's capital Rovaniemi. Rebuilt after having been destroyed in World War II, this modern city is a great base for excursions into the wilderness, national parks, and Sámi villages of Lapland. Upon arrival, your personal driver will meet you for the 10-minute ride into the city. After checking in to your hotel, you'll have the rest of the day to relax. If you like, head to Santa Claus Village to meet the man himself—it's open year-round. 

Day 2: Snowmobile Tour

Snowmobiling thought the arctic wilderness
Zip along arctic landscapes
In the morning, you'll head just outside of Rovaniemi for a snowmobile ride. This two-hour excursion begins when you meet your guide and receive your safety equipment and instructions. Then, your guide will lead you across the snowy landscapes, passing stunning scenery like lakes, mountains, and forests as you go. This is an environmentally friendly activity, as the snowmobiles are electric. Also, you can choose to embark on this adventure at night in search of the aurora borealis.

Day 3: Transfer to Hetta, Snowshoe Trek (Day 1)

Venture into the park

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel for the 3.5-hour ride north into Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. This is Finland's third-largest national park, known for its breathtaking fell (mountain) landscapes, boreal forests, and extensive network of hiking trails. You'll arrive in the village of Hetta, which is the beginning/end point for trips and treks into the park. After a short briefing, you and your group will sit down for a hearty lunch in order to fortify yourself for the upcoming snowshoe trek.

Once you've eaten, you'll gather your gear, strap on your snowshoes, and head out with your guide from Ounasjärvi Lake outside Hetta. Today's leg covers 10 miles (16 km) and typically takes five to six hours to complete. You'll be hiking through the Pallas section of the park (the other being Yllästunturi), which is a group of seven fells, the highest of which stands at 2,654 feet (809 m). At the end of each day, you'll arrive at a wooden cabin where you'll have dinner and stay the night. You might even get lucky and spot the northern lights.

Plan your trip to Finland
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Day 4: Snowshoe Trek (Day 2)

Continue the trek

Rise early and enjoy a hot breakfast in the cabin. Today, you'll be hiking to the valley on the other side of Ounasjärvi Lake. The total distance covers 10-11 miles (16-18 km) and involves about six hours of hiking with a break at the halfway point to enjoy some traditional Finnish snacks around an open fire.

When you arrive at the hut on your second night, you're in for a special treat: there's a sauna in this area of the park. Sauna culture has been a part of Finnish identity dating back thousands of years, and people still adhere to the same traditions they did then. For example, in a Finnish sauna, slapping yourself with birch branches is common to increase circulation. Regardless, a nice hot steam session is a great way to relax after the day's strenuous hike.

Day 5: Snowshoe Trek (Day 3)

Deeper into Finland's wilderness
For the third day of hiking, your guide will choose between two different hiking routes depending on weather conditions and the stamina of the group. One option is a hike up to the tops of the fells, while the other follows a winter ski trail in the valley. Both routes offer beautiful winter scenery and cover about 8-9 miles (13-15 km), taking about five hours to complete. At the end of the day, you'll arrive at a warm cabin nestled between two fells. 

Day 6: Snowshoe Trek (Day 4), Transfer to Rovaniemi

The final push

Head out early for the last leg of the hike. The final 6-mile (10-km) stretch will take you to different mountain viewpoints on the way to Pallas Ski Resort, which is located at the bottom of Laukukero Hill (473 ft / 762 m). The whole route takes about four hours to complete, and when it's over, you'll have successfully snowshoed across Pallastunturi, one of the most popular hikes in Finland! Afterward, hop in a vehicle with your guide for the three-hour ride back to Rovaniemi. Along the way, you and the group will stop at a restaurant for a well-deserved lunch to celebrate your epic adventure. 

Day 7: Arctic Ice Floating

Take a dip in arctic waters
Today, you'll take part in another once-in-a-lifetime experience when you go floating in a frozen lake. This three-hour excursion begins in the morning when you transfer to a wilderness lake outside Rovaniemi. Here, you'll change into a full-body rescue immersion suit. This waterproof safety suit uses the latest textile technology to keep the wearer dry in cold-water conditions. Once in the suit, you'll hop in the lake and feel perfect lightness as you float in arctic waters. The suit is so safe you can opt to do this activity at night, under the glow of the aurora borealis. 

Day 8: Transfer to Riisitunturi, Husky Safari (Day 1)

Hit the trail on a dogsled

After a warming breakfast, your guide will pick you up for the two-hour drive from Rovaniemi to Riisitunturi National Park. This is the site of your next unforgettable adventure: a sledding safari with Alaskan huskies. Over two days, you'll be pulled along snowy wilderness trails by these friendly animals, who thrive on vigorous exercise. When you arrive at the husky kennel in Riisitunturi, you'll meet the dogs and change into appropriate cold-weather clothing.

At that point, you'll board your sled, and your dog team will lead you on a two-to-three-hour scenic ride along the trails deep into the park. About halfway through, you'll take a break for snacks around the fire, and at the end of the ride, you'll arrive at a wilderness cabin where you'll overnight. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna session and then, if you like, assist the mushers in taking care of the dogs. 

Day 9: Husky Safari (Day 2), Transfer to Rovaniemi

More fun with your new friends

Hit the trail again for day two of this unforgettable sled ride around the lakes, fells, and spruce forests of Riisitunturi. Today's route covers about 18 miles (30 km), and you'll stop at the halfway point for lunch. The ride ends right back at the kennel where you began the adventure, and here you'll say a bittersweet goodbye to your canine friends. Then you'll make the two-hour drive back to Rovaniemi.

Day 10: Depart Finland

Goodbye, Finland
Your adventure in Finland's Arctic north has come to an end. At the appropriate time, you'll transfer to the Rovaniemi Airport for your flight home. Until next time!

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Map of Ultimate Arctic Adventure in Finland - 10 Days
Map of Ultimate Arctic Adventure in Finland - 10 Days