This week-long trip to Finnish Lapland is packed full of wonderful winter adventures. Ice-climb your way up a cliff and plunge into an icy Arctic lake. Zip around the landscape on an electric snowmobile, go snowshoeing through the forest under the moonlight and travel deep into the snow-dusted wilderness to meet huskies and reindeer—all under a shimmering green glow as the northern lights dance across the night sky.


  • Go ice climbing on a cliffside. 
  • Travel by snowmobile, snow train, and reindeer sleigh
  • Visit the ice and snow-carved Arctic SnowHotel
  • Take the reins on a husky dogsled safari 
  • Head to dark-sky locations for plenty of chances to see the northern lights 

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rovaniemi, Northern Lights Tour Rovaniemi
Day 2 Independent Visit to Santa's Village, Arctic Ice Floating Rovaniemi
Day 3 Arctic Woodlands Photography Tour, Aurora Snow Train Rovaniemi
Day 4 Arctic SnowHotel Visit, Northern Lights Electric Snowmobile Safari Rovaniemi
Day 5 Transfer to Pyhä, Husky Safari & Farm Visit, Evening Reindeer Sleigh Ride Pyhä
Day 6 Ice Climbing Experience, Northern Lights Snowshoe Adventure Pyhä
Day 7 Transfer to Rovaniemi Airport & Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Rovaniemi, Northern Lights Tour

Northern Lights Tour
This trip offers lots of opportunities to spot the northern lights

Welcome to Rovaniemi, the capital of magical Lapland in northern Finland. Upon arrival at the airport, your driver will be waiting to take you to your accommodation. Lapland's snowy winter scenes are perfect for day and night adventures, and you'll waste no time in heading out on your first after-dark excursion into the wilderness. Wrap up warm for a guided tour to the outskirts of Rovaniemi; this remote region is free of light pollution, so you'll have a great chance of seeing the northern lights—hopefully, the first of many times this trip.

Your friendly guide is an expert at reading the weather and will find the best spots for you to stop and check out this natural phenomenon. They will also share stories and impart their local knowledge (and supply all-important snacks and hot drinks to keep you toasty and refueled).

Day 2: Independent Visit to Santa's Village, Arctic Ice Floating

Christmas in Rovaniemi
Christmas is magical in Rovaniemi's Santa's Village

Santa's Village is one of Rovaniemi's most popular attractions and today is your chance to find out why. Here, you can meet Santa himself and visit the Official Santa's Post Office to send letters to friends and family—a thoughtful gift for loved ones back home. To reach Santa's Village, you cross the Arctic Circle, and you'll be able to order a certificate to celebrate this special journey. Santa's Village is free to visit, and it draws a crowd during winter months, which is why it's best to visit on your own rather than as part of a tour. That way, you can take your time souvenir shopping and explore for as long as you like.

Later, feel the lightness of your body by floating on an Arctic lake between blocks of ice. You'll lower yourselves down a ladder and into the freezing water. There's no need to fear the cold, though: you'll be protected by a high-quality waterproof "rescue suit" to keep you warm and dry—so you can relax your body and mind and enjoy the sensation of floating in this remarkable destination. 

Day 3: Arctic Woodlands Photography Tour, Aurora Snow Train

Woman in snowy forest taking a photo
Photography lessons in the Arctic woodlands

This morning, leave Rovaniemi's urban area and head into the Arctic woodlands for some brilliant outdoor photography opportunities under the guidance of a photographer-guide. You'll learn about Arctic nature and find the best ways to frame the beautiful wintry treescapes and wild rushing rivers. Sip hot drinks and prepare snacks over an open fire while tuning into the serenity of the forest.

Then it's all aboard the Aurora Snow Train! This snowmobile-pulled carriage will whisk you to a remote spot far from artificial lights, where there's an excellent chance of spotting the northern lights. Travel across the snowy landscape to reach a kota (traditional wilderness hut), where you'll gather around a roaring bonfire for more snacks and hot drinks—a staple of Lapland experiences in winter. In this peaceful forest setting, prepare to be amazed by one of nature's most awe-inspiring sights as you watch swirls of green, blue, and purple dance overhead. The northern lights can be a challenge to photograph, so a photography-savvy guide will be on-hand to help you capture these special moments. 

Day 4: Arctic SnowHotel Visit, Northern Lights Electric Snowmobile Safari

Snowmobile under the northern lights
Chase the northern lights on a snowmobile

Imagine a building carved from snow and ice, where rooms are full of elaborate ice sculptures and illuminated ice art. That's exactly what you'll discover at your next stop: the Arctic SnowHotel. This incredible feat of engineering is constructed each December, so no two visits are ever the same. There's even the chance to dine in the hotel's ice restaurant or, for the ultimate overnight adventure, sleep on a bed of ice or stay in a glass igloo.

This evening, zip across the snow on an e-Sled (a silent, electric snowmobile) to a hilltop viewpoint. Here, take time to admire the night sky, tuck into a Finnish-style barbecue, and warm up by the fire in a private cabin. Then cross your fingers that the aurora makes an appearance.
Plan your trip to Finland
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Day 5: Transfer to Pyhä, Husky Safari & Farm Visit, Evening Reindeer Sleigh Ride

View from a husky sled
Learn the ropes of husky mushing

Transfer northeast today into Pyhä and Lapland's wilderness for a day of animal adventures. First, you'll take a fun dogsled ride with huskies. You'll learn the ropes (quite literally) of husky mushing before taking the reins and feeling the power of these amazing dogs as they pound across the snow. Afterward, head to a small private farm where you'll hear stories about the friendly and intelligent huskies and their antics.

Tonight, get ready for a guided wilderness trip on a sleigh pulled by real-life reindeer. As these enchanting native animals trot through the powder, your local guide will share tales of Arctic life and tell you how reindeer herding has been a part of the Finnish culture for centuries. Don't forget to look up—the northern lights are often spotted in these wild parts.

Day 6: Ice Climbing Experience, Northern Lights Snowshoe Adventure 

A man using an axe to climb an icy mountain
Ice climbing is an experience to remember

Bring your best sense of adventure today—you'll be whacking axes into the ice and climbing your way up a cliffside! Your instructors will teach you the basic techniques of ice climbing before it's time for you to show what you're made of. Ice climbing is super safe, and your instructors will be on hand to support you, so you can throw yourself into it, enjoy the thrill, and reap the reward of trying something different.

In the evening, don some snowshoes and travel deep into the snowy forest. There's something special about journeying silently on foot under the light of the moon and stars—and perhaps the northern lights, too.

Day 7: Transfer to Rovaniemi Airport, Depart

Close-up of a reindeer in the snow
Bid farewell to Lapland and its enchanting residents
After an adventurous week of activities and aurora hunting, it's time to say farewell to Finnish Lapland as your driver takes you to the airport to catch your flight home. Until the next time!

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Map of Ultimate Lapland Aurora Adventure - 7 Days
Map of Ultimate Lapland Aurora Adventure - 7 Days