Arkadi Monastery & Rethymno on the way to Chania

Views over the Venetian fortress
Take the scenic route from Heraklion to Chania and enjoy Crete's picturesque northern coast. Along the way, make stops at a historic monastery, a charming village, and a Venetian Fortress.

Your first stop is the Arkadi Monastery, known to Greeks as a symbol of defense and freedom. You'll learn all about the site's significance and fascinating history from your guide. The monastery was destroyed during the 1866 battle between the Cretans and the Ottoman Turks. Still, Arkadi's martyrs carried out a brave resistance that attracted international attention and eventually liberated Crete.

After touring Arkadi, you'll continue to the aristocratic seaside town of Rethymno. Home to Crete's famed Venetian Fortress, this small city is known as the island’s intellectual and cultural capital. Enjoy some free time strolling through the town's lively Venetian harbor and colorful cobbled streets. Visit the 19th-century lighthouse, explore the fortress, or take a stroll along Rethymno's sandy beach.

You'll end in Chania, which many call the most beautiful city on Crete. Chania's harbor area is home to beautiful Venetian and Ottoman architecture, a Naval Museum, and its famous Agora and leather market.

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