Cooking Class & Cheese Tasting near Heraklion

Photo from MAMAKITA
Experience the flavors, aromas, scents, and sensations of traditional Cretan cooking, and enjoy tasting cheese and olive oil. As you get acquainted with the culture of Crete, you must learn about the world-renowned Cretan diet!

Your cooking class takes place in a small village in the Cretan countryside near Heraklion. Before getting started, you'll walk along cobbled streets and through narrow alleyways and experience a traditional hamlet away from the busy tourist sites. Get to know authentic Greek hospitality while engaging with the locals.

As you learn the traditional techniques behind common Cretan recipes, your host will teach you about the four distinguished qualities of olive oil. Next, you'll taste different varieties of cheese that are particularly important to daily eating patterns in Crete. Then, roll up your sleeves and help your host prepare different dishes from local and seasonal ingredients.

After you're finished, enjoy the fruits of your labor the Cretan way: with friends, wine, and conversation around the table. Swap life stories with your host and learn more about daily life in Crete.

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