Cooking Class in Corfu Old Town

Discover the unique tastes of authentic Corfu cuisine, exploring its mix of influences from the Venetians, British, French, and Italians. Together with a professional chef, you'll prepare traditional Corfiot recipes and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Learn about different culinary impressions and Corfu's fascinating history by exploring recipes such as Sofrito and Bourdeto. You'll continue your lesson while walking through the charming streets of Corfu's Old Town and visiting a local food market. Your host will help you discover the wide variety of the Mediterranean diet and Corfiot culinary traditions.

After learning about Corfu's culinary history and purchasing your supplies from the market, you'll prepare your meal. Your host's kitchen is set in the historical town center, where you'll learn the secrets of the island's recipes and how to cook like a local. When finished, enjoy your lunch the Corfu way: with good company, good food, and good wine!

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