The Durrells Tour of Corfu

Views from Kanoni of the islet Pontikonisi
Follow the footsteps of the fascinating Durrell Family, who fell in love with Corfu's charm in the 1930s. You'll explore the real lives of the Durrells, based on true stories told through their TV show, books, and genuine experiences. You'll step away from the buzzy tourist zone and dive into unique stories as they unravel before your eyes!

Although the famous family lived on Corfu almost a century ago, the surrounding landscape hasn't changed. You'll start the tour with a scenic drive to the Durrell's home called "The White House," where Lawrence and Nancy Durrell lived. The picturesque Venetian mansion sits on the shore of Kalami Bay, nestled between olive groves and cypress trees.

There are various villas to explore within the property, some of which may look slightly different than as described in the books. For example, you'll visit Strawberry-Pink Villa and ”Annemoyani Villa” (Daffodil Yellow Villa), which still exude a haunting feeling of the past. As you stroll through all three floors, admire the mansion's tall walls, a wide veranda, and overgrown gardens that have all remained unchanged.

A tour guide will share fascinating information about the family, detailing the children's lives. You'll learn about Gerald Durrell’s favorite places to go when he was a kid, including the secluded bays and hidden coves he depicted in his books. Walk along Pontikonisi, a small island beloved by Gerald and his sister Margo, and admire the Chessboard Fields at Lake Chalikiopoulou, which young Gerald described as his playground.

Next, make your way back to Corfu's Old Town, which the family frequented. As you stroll, your guide will continue to share insights into the family's love for the town's medieval charms that fill the Kantounia (cobbled streets of the historic center). You'll stop by churches, interesting buildings, and important monuments, following the footsteps of the Durrells.

Rest your feet and enjoy traditional Greek coffee where the Durrells used to sit and sip. Then, walk through Boschetto Park and find Lawrence and Gerald's busts, created in honor of the island’s famous residents. You'll also visit Saint Michael and George Palace, and Mon Repo Palace, the birthplace of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. You'll recognize many of these sites from the television show.

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