Excavation Simulation & Minoan Cuisine near Chania

Photo from MAMAKITA
Join a real archaeologist on an excavation simulation for kids! This activity allows you to find Minoan artifacts and learn about daily life in prehistoric times. Then, you'll enjoy a delicious meal of traditional Minoan cuisine.

First, learn about archaeology and what an archaeologist does as you discover each step of the excavation process. Then, you'll get to work! You and your kids will complete a simulated excavation in a pit of replicated artifacts from the Minoan time period. As you dig, the archaeologist will supervise and help you understand each step’s purpose. 

Once you're hungry, you'll learn about the traditional Minoan diet and ancient Cretan cuisine. As your host prepares your meal, discover how people heated their food in clay cookware over an open fire pit. Relax with a drink and enjoy your lunch with your guides.

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