Florence Food Markets Tour


Immerse yourself in Italian culture by exploring the vibrant markets of Florence on a tour. You’ll start at the most authentic food market in the city, Sant’Ambrogio, where you’ll see a truly unique side of Italy. The Sant’ Ambrogio market is where the real Florentines shop, and where you’ll learn how to choose the best and freshest Italian ingredients. In addition, your guide will help you explore the origins of Florentine cuisine and discover Cucina Povera, the region’s famed peasant food.

Next, make your way to another famous market in Florence, San Lorenzo, also known as "Mercato Centrale." As you wander through the historic and architecturally rich quarter of the Medici household, you’ll discover how the extraordinary family contributed to the city’s food innovation. They invented some of the most famous Florentine recipes, many still beloved and prepared around the globe. At San Lorenzo, you’ll taste some Italian specialties like extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan prosciutto, Chianti wine, and balsamic vinegar.

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