Visit the Leaning Tower & Historic Town of Pisa


Pisa is, of course, famous for the Leaning Tower at the Piazza dei Miracoli, where you’ll find many of the city's highlights. A half-day is all you'll need to explore Pisa and wander around the iconic monuments. Still, we recommend staying longer to uncover more of this fascinating city!

The "Plaza of Miracles" is the magical square where you'll see the famed tower, plus the Pisa Cathedral, the 12th-century Baptistery, and the Monumental Cemetery. Take an iconic photo standing next to the tower and walk around the buildings. Afterward, enjoy a stroll to the quieter part of town, the historic center, where you'll mingle with locals and university students, discovering the incredible Pisa Botanical Gardens.

Suggested Activities beyond the Leaning Tower:

  • Dive into history at the Museo Nazionale, the city's most prized museum featuring stunning artifacts and sculptures.
  • Pay a visit to the Santa Maria della Spina Church. Although small, it's one of Pisa's most beautiful churches, thanks to its ornate design and riverside location.
  • Enjoy a cone of gelato or a cup of espresso in a streetside cafe near the Palazzo dei Cavalieri.
  • Tour the Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo to see a whole host of delightful treasures. As a bonus, it's one of the least visited sites in Pisa, so you'll get plenty of time and space to enjoy everything!
  • Go shopping for high-end luxury items on the historic Borgo Stretto and enjoy beautiful architecture as you browse. The street starts at the Piazza Garibaldi next to the Ponte di Mezzo.
  • Explore the incredible Pisa Botanical Gardens, the world's oldest university botanical gardens.