Day Trip from Florence: Tuscany Wine & Cheese Tour, Florence


Enjoy a tour through Tuscany’s delicious culinary staples and learn about its gastronomic traditions. You’ll savor Pecorino, the best-known and loved Tuscan cheese, plus homemade pasta, red wine, and extra virgin olive oil.

Tuscany has always been a farming region. Its history and traditions directly connect to its agricultural economy, known as mezzadria (sharecropping). Under this system, farmers worked the fields that belonged to various landowners and then shared their entire crop. The end of sharecropping came in the late-70s, changing the economy drastically. At the same time, the economic boom of the post-war years encouraged families to abandon the countryside while many wealthy people seeking peace moved there instead.

The new farmers arriving in the countryside didn’t have generational experience, but they were open to new technologies. As a result, agricultural production changed radically, gradually moving toward specialization in wine and olive oil. Almost all the once self-sufficient farms turned into wineries, leaving behind Tuscan traditions, such as sheep farming.

After exploring the countryside and learning about its history, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of a Chianti winery. The local owners will share their natural winemaking methods and allow you to taste a few varietals. Then head to a Tuscan farm where sheep produce a very fine Pecorino cheese. Finally, take your newfound knowledge with you to lunch, where you’ll enjoy more regional flavors on a peaceful and authentic farm in hidden Tuscany.

Your final stop is in the charming medieval village of Radicondoli. Enjoy exploring its picturesque streets and savoring its stunning views.

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