Florence Welcome Stroll & Gelato

Skyline of Florence
Welcome to beautiful and historic Florence! Start your time in the city with a guided walk through the streets and stop at top attractions like the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. Then, escape the crowds and explore hidden streets, corners, monuments, and piazzas with your local guide. The first evening in a new city can be as intimidating as it is exciting, but this intimate stroll helps you get off on the right foot!

You’ll meet your guide in the late afternoon at the popular Piazza del Duomo and walk along the quieter streets of the Santa Croce neighborhood. Here is where Dante used to hang out and where Michelangelo both lived and was buried. Along the way, you’ll pass the Sant’Ambrogio Market, which is a definite must-see for foodies or those looking for an authentic cultural experience. You’ll also find some of the best reasonably-priced restaurants on this particular side of the river near the market.

Next, you’ll visit Piazza della Signoria, Florence’s most impressive outdoor sculpture gallery, and the old home of Michelangelo’s David. Eventually, he proved too beautiful to sit outside, but you can find a replica in its original position in front of Palazzo Vecchio. Finally, continue toward the river and cross the famed Ponte Vecchio bridge to the quiet and humble neighborhood of Oltrarno. Unfortunately, few visitors venture into the districts you’ll visit on this tour, and you’ll quickly learn that they’re missing out! 

No Italian walk is complete without gelato. Enjoy a break to sample the city’s famous dessert and get some tips on how to tell a good gelateria from a bad one (hint, it’s all about the pistachios). Then, make a stop at the foreboding Pitti Palace as your guide shares recommendations for some of the most authentic restaurants and bars in the city (all with affordable prices). In particular, Piazza Santo Spirito is a great area for eating, so this is where your guide will leave you.

Throughout the evening, you’ll get to know Florence through a local's eyes. Then, for the rest of your stay in the city, use your newfound local tips to take advantage of this historic metropolis and track down the most authentic food from the very start!

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Itineraries with Florence Welcome Stroll & Gelato

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