"Inferno" by Dan Brown Secret Book Tour in Florence

Ponte Vecchio and Florence skyline
Follow the footsteps of Robert Langdon, the main character of Dan Brown’s sensational novel, Inferno. Together with your guide, you’ll discover the mysterious message “seek, and you shall find,” and look for Dante’s death mask. Visit the Palazzo Vecchio to explore exclusive places not open to the general public.

The tour starts with a typical Florentine lunch. You’ll dine at a historic restaurant set in an ancient open merchant gallery in the heart of the Medicean district. Enjoy typical dishes and delicacies from Florence and the surrounding region. When ready, head to the Palazzo Vecchio. 

The Republic of Florence established the palace in 1299 CE as its foundation, and the famous painter Vasari restored it for the Grand Duke, Cosimo de’ Medici. Your professional guide will take you into the building, stopping to visit the elusive Duke of Athens staircase, a secret escape built into the thickness of the walls. Explore the magnificence of the Salone dei Cinquecento, filled with huge frescos by Vasari. In the top corner, you’ll find the mysterious message "cerca trova" (seek, and you shall find), just as Robert Langdon did in the book! 

Next, climb the ancient Capriate (trusses) supporting the roof of the Salone dei Cinquecento and find the original death mask of Dante Alighieri. Continue into the Hall of Geographical Maps to follow the secret passage used by Langdon to escape from the building. Instead of escaping, use it to view Bianca Cappello’s dressing room. End the guided tour with a visit to the secret Studiolo of Francesco I.

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