Rethymno & Palace of Knossos Tour from Chania

Venetian houses along the waterfront
Discover Crete's aristocratic seaside town of Rethymno, the island’s intellectual and cultural capital, and enjoy a tour of the ancient Palace of Knossos. A guide will lead you through Rethymno's picturesque old town, taking you on a tour of the city's Venetian Fortezza. As you meander Rethymno's charming and cobbled Old Town, your guide will share stories of the city's history and culture.

You'll pass important sites and monuments on your way to the Venetian Fortezza, like the Porta Guora, Neratze Mosque, and the 17th-century Rimondi Venetian Fountain. Afterward, enjoy some free time to explore the city on your own. You can wander around the town's lively Venetian harbor, check out the 19th-century lighthouse, or take a sunset stroll along the sandy Rethymno Beach.

The 3,500-year-old Minoan Palace of Knossos is your final stop, a sprawling maze of royal chambers, grand staircases, storerooms, and workshops. As the Minoan civilization's foundation, many believe that this Bronze Age site is Europe's oldest city. Your guide will help you understand the history and mythology of the Minoan civilization, including the famous stories about the labyrinth, the mythical Minotaur, and Theseus' trick that killed the beast with the help of Ariadne.

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Itineraries with Rethymno & Palace of Knossos Tour from Chania

Local Life on Crete - 5 Days

The 5-day version of this compact itinerary focuses on the far west region of Chania. Arrive in Crete, the largest of the Greek isles, before heading to the traditional village of Vamos for a cooking class and two nights in a charming guesthouse. Take a guided village-to-village trek, visit the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos on a day trip, and stroll the waterfront in the city of Chania without feeling rushed.

Athens and Crete Family Adventure - 14 Days

Spend two weeks taking your family through the largest of the Greek islands with this Crete-focused itinerary. After a quick stop in Athens, you'll head out to the town of Chania to explore Crete from all angles, whether you're on a trek through the natural beauty of the Samaria Gorge, historic village tour, or interactive food experience.

Best of Greece: Athens to Crete - 10 Days

Over 10 days you will discover Greece's best islands, learn about ancient Greek mythologies, watch the sunset over Santorini during a cruise, and much more. The trip will start with two days and a city tour in Athens before heading to Greece's most famous archeological site, Delphi, and then to Meteora which is home to spectacular clifftop monasteries. We then head to the islands, starting with a few days in Santorini before taking a ferry to Crete where you'll learn about the local history and culture of Chania during a village tour.

Crete 101 - 9 Days

Experience the romance of Crete—Greece's largest island—with this 9-day itinerary. You'll use the coastal city of Chania, with its medieval architecture and postcard-perfect Venetian port as your base of exploration. Check out local markets, visit a traditional village, and enjoy a Cretan feast with after-dinner dancing. Then, hike the Samaria Gorge before wrapping up with relaxation on pink-sand beaches.

Discover Athens, Thessaloniki & Crete - 10 Days

This 10-day exploration of Greece's cities and the island of Crete is the perfect introduction to the country's culture and history. You'll begin in Athens with a private tour of its famous attractions and lesser known secrets. After a stop at the sacred site of Delphi, you'll head north to Thessaloniki, where you'll explore its Byzantine and Ottoman past. Next, hop down to Crete to visit Chania's Old Town and walk the Minotaur's labyrinth at Knossos, before ending your trip back in the capital with a cooking class overlooking the Acropolis.