Snorkeling at Ombros Gialos on Crete

Antiquity & Adventures Crete Tour
Explore the wonders of Greece from under the water with this boat and snorkeling excursion. Crete's crystal-clear waters provide excellent conditions to see life below the surface. All levels, from beginners to advanced skin divers, can enjoy this exciting excursion!

You'll start with a snorkeling course, learning how to use your equipment. Then, your specialized guide will help you secure your mask correctly and learn how to breathe through your snorkel. After a little practice, you'll put on your fins and use your newfound skills in the water. You're welcome to stay on the surface and near the boat or dive deeper into the sea.

Ombros Gialos is the locals' choice for snorkeling. The waters here are deep, blue, and clear, with interesting rock formations teeming with life. You'll see various fish and underwater flora, all creating a colorful world under the sparkling sea.

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