Traditional Rusk & Bread Making Workshop near Heraklion

Photo from MAMAKITA
Learn about Greece's ritual of breadmaking and try your hand at creating your own loaf. This family workshop combines the tradition of bread with the modern lifestyle. From the Stone Age until the present day, you'll learn about the historical importance of this daily food staple.

Your host is a local "Mama" who loves what she does, always searching for ways to evolve her breadmaking skills. She's also an archaeologist with a passion for nature and agroecology, so you'll start by learning about different grains and cereals. Then, get acquainted with sourdough and practice kneading your own bread and rusk.

While your bread is rising and baking, you'll taste some of the local Cretan cuisines. Discover the important flavors and ingredients that popularized this diet around the world. Then, your host will share the best of Crete's favorite delicacies. When ready, you'll enjoy your warm bread.

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