Treasure Hunt & Kalamata Olive Oil Tasting

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Discover the secrets behind Greece's liquid gold: olive oil. This family-friendly excursion takes you into the Messenia region, known for its famous black Kalamata olives. You'll enjoy a fun, informative, and interactive olive oil tour, complete with games, storytelling, tastings, and a delicious lunch.

Start with a tour of the 13th-century castle of Androussa, where you'll complete an exciting treasure hunt. Learn about the history of the area and the significance of its olive products. Then, make your way to a sprawling olive grove to play games and discover the trees' history, tradition, and mythical stories. Before leaving the grove, your host will identify different tree varieties and show you how to "read" the history of Messenia on the trunks.

Your next stop is the center of Androussa, where you'll find a unique olive oil mill that's more than 100 years old. You'll meet the fifth-generation owner and learn how to extract the oil from the olive. You can visit the storage rooms and enjoy a lesson about extra virgin olive oil standardization processes.

Next, it's time to enjoy a tasting! A certified olive oil taster will lead you through several extra virgin olive oil varieties and teach you how to recognize the defining elements. Then, you'll pair your tasting with traditional regional snacks, including fresh produce, traditional meze (similar to appetizers or tapas), tzatziki, Kalamata olives, olive paste, lalagia (Greek donuts), pasto (smoked ham), and local cheeses.

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