1 Year Anniversary Trip to the Azores

  A couple visited the Azores in April 2017

“Traveling with my husband to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Our favorite trip that we have ever been on was Iceland in January we loved the lack of crowds, hiking, and landscape, northern lights and food. We drove down the southern coast and stayed in various locations ending the trip in Reykjavik. For this trip, we would love to go hiking and see the landscape but also to have down time/spa and swimming. I would love a guide and still have freedom to explore but hate massive bus tours. In Iceland, we rented a defender that was great for off roading not sure if that is something we can do there or not. The only disadvantage with Iceland was that we didn't have a guide. We want to go to SÃO MIGUEL and are not interested in island hopping.”

Tiago Botelho, a local specialist from the Azores, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Trip to the Azores

Day 1: Horse Riding ( 2 hours) morning tour
Day 2: Jeep Safari (half day) - starting at 14:30
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