Family Adventure in the Azores

  Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited the Azores in June 2017

“The kids are 12 and 10. We have some hiking experience in Iceland and in the Alps. We arrive at Ponta Delgada at the end of June. We are not sure how it would work if we stay on one island in a hotel but want to do let's say a hiking trip on another island. Would we always be back the same day?

Here are some other activities we want to do:
Whale watching
Dolphin swimming
Bird watching
Mountain biking
beach vacation”

Tiago Botelho, a local specialist from the Azores, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Azores Adventure for Peymann family

Day 1: Welcome to Ponta Delgada - Azores
Day 2: Route to Pristine
Day 3: Birdwatching full day Nordeste
Day 4: Departure to Terceira and free day at Angra do Heroismo
Day 5: Walking tour Rocha dos Chambres
Day 6: Guided tour around Terceira and departure to Pico island
Day 7: Whale Watching in Pico and free time.
Day 8: Guided tour around Pico island landscape
Day 9: Free day to explore Pico island
Day 10: Back to São Miguel + Fishing or Diving
Day 11: West Side experience MTB + Rock climbing
Day 12: Day off
Day 13: Diving or swimming with wild dolphins
Day 14: Canoeing in Furnas + Terra Nostra Park
Day 15: Day at leisure
Day 16: Canyoning adventure full day in Nordeste
Day 17: Day off
Day 18: Departure back home

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Tiago Botelho
Thank you very much for your contact. My name is Tiago and I´m here to help you prepare a great program for you. Regarding a day trip to another island, I could recommend a trip to Terceira island for 4 days. That would include also hiking. Is that ok with you? Anyway, I will start gathering all the prices and I will send your proposal in the next 24 hours. Double room for the kids is ok for you? Hope to hear from you soon, and let´s make it work. Thanks

Tiago Botelho
Here is our first proposal. We did have in consideration half price in the activities for your 10 year old child. Please have a look and share your feedback. I´m here to help prepare the best program for you. Thanks.

Tiago, looks great! I like to cook and am wondering if for one week we should stay in an Appartement instead of a hotel. Is Sao Miguel a good place to buy fresh fish? Who would be our guide, is it always you for all trips?

Tiago Botelho
Thanks for your feedback. If you prefer, I can arrange accommodation here in São Miguel in an apart hotel, where you can cook the nicest fish in the Atlantic. And yes, in São Miguel fresh fish is always available, and we have more than 80 species of fish that you can enjoy here, from the more than 500 that live in our waters. Regarding me being your guide, I will do my absolute best to be with you in all the activities in São Miguel. If I would have to go with you to Terceira island, the price of the trip would increase a lot. Nevertheless, our company also operates in Terceira, and you will be with professional guides all the time. Thanks
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