One Week Hiking in San Miguel

  A couple visited the Azores in August 2017

“We will listen to advice but thinking of sticking to one island for simplicity. Would like to stay in a couple of different places convenient for day trip hikes with transport arranged to trail head. We are fit seniors who hike regularly. Last year we did a rugged part of the South West Coast Path.”

Tiago Botelho, a local specialist from the Azores, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Hiking Vacation for 2

Day 1: Welcome to Ponta Delgada - Azores
Day 2: Route to Pristine
Day 3: Hiking in Faial da Terra
Day 4: Full day hike Ribeira Funda - Praia da Viola
Day 5: Half day walking in Sete Cidades.
Day 6: Full day Canyoning
Day 7: Departure back home

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Tiago Botelho
Hi, thank you very much for your interest. I´m Tiago, and I´m here to help you set a great self guide hiking program.

August is a very busy month for us, as I do believe it´s better to consider just one island.

Regarding activities, I was also considering to include whale watching, thermal baths and a guided tour as well, just to give you a more complete experience.

if you can give me some indication on the type of accommodation you prefer, that would also help.

Thank you for working on a plan for our visit. We are not really interested in whale watching or thermal baths. I'm not sure what kind of guided tour you have in mind: perhaps you could describe what you are thinking about? Apart from hiking it would be good to allot some time to walking around town or going to a beach .

As for accommodation: nothing fancy, a small hotel, inn or B&B would be fine.

Tiago Botelho
Thank you for the feedback. I have prepared your program, without thermal pools or whale watching. I´m just waiting for the price of accommodation to send you the program.

Thank you for your first proposal. It looks varied and interesting and goes to most of the places I have been reading about. Also it includes a day canyoning, which is a bonus. If I understand correctly the proposal is for staying at one place (a three star hotel in Ponta Delgada) and taking daily guided tours. I had been imagining we might move accommodation once, and just be dropped off and picked up from the hikes rather than guided. But your proposal is definitely worth considering. Can you tell me how large are the groups typically? Also how much time is taken up in travelling to the different places and in what kind of vehicle?

Tiago Botelho
Thank you for your feedback.

Regarding your comments, I can change the proposal and include only the transfer for the hikes, but the diference in price is not going to be significant, as I will have to arrange a drop of and a pick up service for each hike. I know that for you is a matter of personal choice, but it´s just for you to have in consideration.

If you decide to go on with the guided tours, I can say that the most popular tour we have is Route to Pristine, and usually groups don´t exceed 8 people. For these tours, we use minivans with capacity for 8 people + driver, and the maximum driving time will be to Faial da Terra, which usually takes 1h10m.

If you prefer, I can also present you a mix of guided and self guided tours, what do you think?

I have arranged hotel in Ponta Delgada, because of night life and restaurant options for dinner. If you whant to change the type of hotel, or include another one in a diferent part of the island, I can ask for availability. How does that sound?

Thanks, and hope to get your feedback soon.

Thank you for responding to my questions. Your flexibility is appreciated but following your comments I see the sense in using Ponta Delgada as a base. Although we don't usually walk with a guide or a group my wife has persuaded me to try it so I think we can go ahead with your plan as presented.

Let me know about payment options.

Tiago Botelho
I just send you an updated version of the proposal. Once you click the "Book Now" button it will show a paying option for the first installment, which is 20% of the total cost of your trip.

The remaining amount will be due 30 days prior to the start of the trip.

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Traveler Review

The choice of itinerary was good. The guides were excellent. Communications could be improved.

Tiago chose the hikes and other activities very well. The flight information had not be requested from us and we were not met at the airport. The wrong date for the departing transfer was given in the written documentation we were given on arrival. I provided a phone number for contact but we were never called when morning pickups were delayed.