Trip to Explore the beauty of Azores

  Traveler looking to visit the Azores in June 2017

“Prefer exploring on my own with my schedule
Want to explore the beauty of Azores and take thousands of pictures
Coastal hikes only
Ocean, lakes, bodies of water
Need sun all the time
Love trying local foods and strolling local markets
Comfort-style travel and lean more towards luxury
Love ocean wildlife but easily seasick :(”

Tiago Botelho, a local specialist from the Azores, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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I am Tiago, your travel specialist for the Azores. I looked through the details your provided about your ideal tour. I am thinking about including accommodation at a 4* or 5* hotel for 5 nights; a visit to the local market with degustation lunch; whale watching + visit to vila franca islet; coastal hiking and maybe some horse riding and canoeing. What do you think?
Hi Tiago - That all sounds wonderful! Would the horseback riding include rides by the ocean?
The horseback rides are more inside the island (close to mountains area).
Here's a detailed proposal for you:
The scenario for this adventure is the island of São Miguel, the biggest of the 9 islands that compose the Azores Archipelago. The adventure we propose allows you to discover both the most popular and remote places of the island in an active way, with a high focus on authentic experiences, close relationship with nature and quality time.
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