The most practical way to get from Bariloche to El Calafate, 640 miles (1,030 km) away, is to book a flight. Aerolineas Argentinas operates a daily nonstop flight between the two cities. 

If you're interested in visiting Bariloche and El Calafate you can check out this 2-week itinerary, which also includes a loop through Salta and the northwest of Argentina

By Plane 

Duration: 2 hours, plus transfer to/from airports

The best way to reach Bariloche Airport is to take a taxi or private transfer. The airport is about nine miles (15 km) from the city center and takes about 25 minutes to reach. The direct flight from Bariloche to El Calafate takes a little under two hours. 

Once you arrive in El Calafate, take a taxi, private transfer, or rental car from the airport to the city center 12.5 miles (20 km) away.

By Car

Duration: 30 to 40 hours of driving

If you have time and want to plan a real off-the-grid road trip, driving down the Carretera Austral in Chile is a great way to experience Chilean Patagonia up close. Plan for several days (or even weeks) of driving through mountains and hills to see beautiful scenery filled with fjords and lakes.

You can start by driving from Bariloche to Osorno, across the Chilean border, and take the Carretera Austral (also called Ruta 7) from there down to Parque Patagonia, 685 miles (1,105 km) to the south.

After that, it will take you another two days of driving and another border crossing back into Argentina to reach El Calafate. There aren't many towns along the route, but the scenery is worth it if you have time to spare. 


Map of How to Get from Bariloche to El Calafate
Map of How to Get from Bariloche to El Calafate