When traveling to Tromsø from Bergen, which is 1,112 miles away (1791 km), there are a few different options. The quickest way to get to Tromsø is by catching a flight. If you’re interested in making more of a road trip, then driving and taking the ferry might be the option for you as long as you keep in mind the Arctic Circle weather conditions. Another popular choice is taking the train and then switching to the bus for the remainder of the journey.

The seven-day Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø Winter Adventure itinerary features a dog sledding and Northern Lights excursion and Fjord winter cruise.

By Plane

Duration: 2 hours

By far the quickest and safest way to get to Tromsø is by plane. Tromsø is located in the Arctic Circle, which means that weather conditions can change for the worse quickly. Safe in an airplane experienced pilots will make the navigational and weather calls while you enjoy the flight as a passenger. It’s only a two-hour plane ride, which allows you more time to explore Tromsø when you arrive.

You’ll get an incredible look at the Norwegian Sea as you fly over to Tromsø from Bergen. You will also be able to take in some of the mountain views from above on the way.

By Car/Ferry

Duration: 26 hours

While this can be a daunting drive due to the amount of time you’ll be on the road, you get to experience a lot of the country of Norway. This drive as well will include a ferry ride over the Tysfjorden.

Taking this drive means making multiple turns from the E16, Rv555, and E6. If you plan to drive, make sure to map out rest stops along the way and keep an eye on the weather the entire trek. When you get to Sel, you will turn off the Rv555 onto the E6. Sel is about 6 hours from Bergen and a great place to take a break. You can check out the Rondane Nasjonalpark, Norway's oldest national park. Just an hour outside of the national park is Mågålaupet, a zigzag-shaped gorge in Oppdal Municipality. Oppdal is a great place to rest for the night as well.

After leaving Oppdal, you will need to plan a rest stop to take in the spectacular views of the Trondheim Fjord, the third largest fjord in Norway. You will also drive alongside the Trondheim Fjord (which will be on your left) for quite a ways as you make your way to Tromsø.

Completing another 9-hour drive through the mountains and winding alongside the lakes and fjords, around the village of Finneidfjord, you should look for lodging. This drive is filled with various small towns that will not have all the amenities as the larger cities do, so it's important to map out your overnight stays ahead of time.

The last part of the trek will be another nine to 10-hour drive until you reach Tromsø. You will pass by the Sandnesvatnet lake on the left-hand side of the highway, as well as two smaller lakes, Strindvatnet and Rotvatnet. As you get further along in the drive, you will also pass by Trollpollen Naturreservat, the nature reserve that will be also on the left-hand side of the highway. This is a nice place to plan a rest stop, providing the weather is being cooperative.  

When you get to Bognes, you will take the Bognes - Skarberget/E6 ferry over the Tysfjorden. You will get to experience panoramic views from this boat. The weather is usually quite chilly so going on the deck is less likely than warmer parts of Norway, but you can still take pictures from inside. You will then continue on the E6 until the Nordkjosbotn where you will switch to the E8.

The Balsfjord Municipality is another great rest stop that will be located on the left side of your drive. You will be able to stop, stretch your legs and look at the beautiful fjord. The Balsjord Municipality is just one-hour outside of Tromsø. You will then wind around the Troms body of water until you reach Tromsø. 

The Arctic Circle is known for unpredictable weather changes. Taking four days or more to do this trek via car is not unusual and doing this drive will need constant observation of the weather. Keep in mind that this trek does include multiple toll roads, so ensure you know how to pay your tolls by checking with your rental company.

By Hurtigruten (Cruise)

Duration: 5 days

There's something to be said about traveling via cruise from Bergen to Tromsø. Hurtigruten offers a beautiful five-day itinerary that allows you to float to your destination and see some amazing places along the way. 

The first day you cruise from Bergen to Florø. On this journey, you'll be able to see the architecturally stunning Bergen from the waterfront. The boat will also move into fjord country, and show off the beautiful Helgeland coast. There is really no bad views from the ship but if it's warm enough to be outside, you will be rewarded with mountain views and images of little islands along the way.

Day two you will journey from Florø to Molde. At this point, you'll be face to face with the Geiranger fjord. Along this stretch of the trip, you'll also have a breathtaking view of the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Not only that, before getting to Molde, you will have a chance to take pictures of the incredible Romsdalsalpene mountains. After Molde, day three on the ship will take you to Rørvik. Along the way, there will be a stop in Trondheim, a city that contains historically rich buildings such as the Gothic Nidaros Cathedral from the 11th century. 

In the final days of the journey, you will enter the arctic circle on the way to Svolvær. This part of the trip shows off the beautiful granite cliff sides and small fishing communities. While the Hurtigruten offers great views from inside, if it's not too cold, this is the best stretch to get outside and take photos of unique pieces of nature. Instead of docking on the final night, the boat will continue to travel to Tromsø. On the last day, you float from the Raftsundet strait to the Trollfjorden before finally getting to the final destination of Tromsø. 


Map of How to Get from Bergen to Tromsø
Map of How to Get from Bergen to Tromsø