Trondheim—the third-largest city in Norway—is easy and quick to reach from Oslo and Bergen by air. Driving, going by public transfer, or taking public transportation are options and require a day of travel where you’ll pass by incredible landscapes. If you choose public transport, taking the train offers unseen vistas from the highway and is a comfortable and relaxing way to reach Trondheim.

If you want to have the opportunity to get to know Bergen, Oslo, and Trondheim with local perspectives and have visits to several fjords, you’ll want to join this 12-day tour.

From Oslo

Duration: 1 hour by air, 6.5 hours by car, 7 hours by train, 8-9 hours by bus

Air travel is the quickest and most convenient way to reach Trondheim with a flying time of a little over an hour with several departures throughout the day. Upon arrival, you can take a local bus, take a taxi or go by private transfer to reach the center of Trondheim.

Driving or going by private transfer is a beautiful way to see the landscape as you drive through valleys, alongside fjords, lakes, and forests. Oslo to Trondheim is a distance of 290 miles (470 km) and takes around 6 and a half hours without stopping. 

Taking the train is a lovely way to see the spectacular landscape covering a distance of 341 miles (548 km) with a 7-hour journey on the Dovre train line. Trains depart 4 times a day from the Oslo Central Station. There is an option to take a night train and have a good night’s rest if you opt for the sleeper car.  On this route, there is a food carriage offering delicious Norwegian cuisine, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks that is open during the duration of the trip. Wi-fi is free and outlets are available to keep all your devices charged.  

The bus is also an option and takes around 8 or 9 hours. The Vy express offers bus service with buses leaving from the Oslo Bus Station. We recommend you purchase your bus ticket in advance at the station or online.

From Bergen

Duration: 1 hour by air, 10-11 hours by car, 14-15 hours by train

Flying is the fastest and easiest way to reach Trondheim with a journey time of an hour. Direct flights are offered many times a day with multiple airlines. Once you arrive, you can take a local bus, a taxi or private transfer to reach the city center. 

Driving requires an entire day to reach Trondheim taking around 10-11 hours without stopping and covering a distance of 391 miles (629 km). There are two main ways to reach Trondheim- taking the inland route on the RV3 and the E6 or going along the coast on the E39 highway, which includes a ferry ride. Both highways have tolls and it’s advised that you speak to your rental car company about how to pay for tolls. 

Taking the train is an option with a long journey time of over fourteen hours on board. There are typically 3 departures per day with one night train, which can be ideal if you want to sleep while traveling and wake up rested to sightsee the following day. It’s recommended you book a sleeper car on the night train. Food is available on this route with sandwiches, light meals, drinks and snacks available to purchase. Wi-fi is offered free of charge.