With 10 days in Bolivia, travelers have several options. On a highlights tour, you'll explore the colonial city of Sucre, walk the startling white expanse of the Uyuni Salt Flats, and learn about indigenous culture on Lake Titicaca. If it's nature you're interested in, consider an itinerary focused on Bolivia's most beautiful landscapes, including Torotoro National Park, the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and the Umajalanta Cavern. Alternatively, combine a trip through the Andes and Lake Titicaca with a jungle adventure in the Amazon rainforest, or spend several days in Peru before exploring Bolivia. Read over the following itineraries to learn more about your options.

Itinerary #1: Highlights of Bolivia

This lively 10-day itinerary combines cultural experiences with outdoor adventures, featuring visits to the colonial gem of Sucre, the colorful lagoons of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, the remarkable Uyuni Salt Flats, Siloli Desert, and Lake Titicaca.

The Uyuni Salt Flats
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Day 2 Tour Sucre's Historic Center Sucre
Day 3 See Dinosaur Footprints at Cal Orck'o Cayara
Day 4 Explore the Cayara Hotel Museum  Colchani
Day 5 Discover the Uyuni Salt Flats Colchani
Day 6 Visit the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve Siloli
Day 7 Go for a Dip in Thermal Baths  La Paz
Day 8 Enjoy a Cable Car Tour of La Paz La Paz
Day 9 Day Trip to Tiwanaku & Lake Titicaca La Paz
Day 10 Depart  

Welcome to Bolivia! You'll arrive in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, then wander around the charming colonial streets of Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia. Visit Cal Orck'o, on the outskirts of Sucre, to see the most extensive collection of dinosaur tracks in the world, then step back in time at the Cayara Hotel Museum. Overnight in Colchani for a couple of nights while exploring the incredible Uyuni Salt Flats and learning about the importance of salt to the region's history.

View ethereal rock formations and pristine lagoons in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, home to pink flamingos, and go for an early-morning dip in nearby thermal springs. Then continue to La Paz, where you'll spend the last few days of the trip. Take in the vibrant city from above on a cable car tour. On the last full day of the trip, you'll detour to Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca to find out about the region's ancient cultures—and to go for a spin on the lake in a traditional boat, of course. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Discover Bolivia's Landscapes

Discover the natural beauty of Bolivia on this photogenic 10-day itinerary that includes visits to the Uyuni Salt Flats, Torotoro National Park, the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and the magnificent Umajalanta Cavern.

The Red Lagoon (Laguna Colorada)
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in La Paz La Paz
Day 2 Discover La Paz on a City Tour  Cochabamba
Day 3 Explore Torotoro National Park & Umajalanta Cavern Torotoro
Day 4 Go Trekking in Torotoro National Park Torotoro
Day 5 Hike to El Vergel Canyon & Return to Cochabamba Cochabamba
Day 6 Free Day in La Paz La Paz
Day 7 Transfer to Uyuni Colchani
Day 8 Visit the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve Siloli
Day 9 Return to La Paz & Sightsee La Paz
Day 10 Depart  

Kick off the tour in La Paz. You'll go on a guided city tour before heading to Torotoro National Park to see high desert plateaus and green riverways. Venture into the Umajalanta Cavern. This long, deep cave features stalagmite and stalactite rock formations and several waterfalls. Go trekking in the national park, spotting dinosaur footprints, and go for a refreshing dip in a lagoon at the bottom of the Vergel Canyon.

Midway through the trip, you'll travel to Cochabamba and then back track to La Paz, where you'll have a free day to spend as you please. It's an excellent opportunity to try some traditional Bolivian street food on a guided food tour. Then you'll transfer to Uyuni to see the famous Uyuni Salt Flats. Continue to the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, keeping your eyes open for flamingos in the wild. Go for a dip in natural thermal springs before heading back to La Paz. Finish the trip with an unforgettable cable car ride high over the city. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Explore the Andes & the Amazon Rainforest

This exciting 10-day adventure showcases the incredible diversity of Bolivia's landscapes, introducing you to the Andes and Lake Titicaca before sweeping you away to the Amazon rainforest for several days of river rafting and bird-watching.

A brightly colored macaw flying above the rainforest 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in La Paz La Paz
Day 2 Discover La Paz on a City Tour La Paz
Day 3 Explore Lake Titicaca & Copacabana  Isla del Sol
Day 4 Visit the Community of Santiago de Okola Santiago de Okola
Day 5 Hike in the Hamputuri Valley La Paz
Day 6 Canoe to Madidi National Park Madidi National Park 
Day 7 Spot Birds in Madidi National Park Madidi National Park 
Day 8 River Safari  Las Tortugas Eco-Lodge
Day 9 Spot Wildlife on a Guided Excursion La Paz
Day 10 Depart La Paz  

Begin the journey in bustling La Paz. You'll spend the first day or two here, getting oriented in Bolivia and adjusting to the altitude. Then move on to Lake Titicaca, enjoying a picnic lunch in the small lakeside village of Copacabana. Visit the indigenous artisan community of Santiago de Okola and learn about traditional crafts and ways of life. Then head back to La Paz and go for an afternoon hike in the Hamputuri Valley. Alternatively, try Bolivian street food on a guided street tour. 

The second part of the trip takes you to the Bolivian Amazon. You'll fly to Rurrenabaque and paddle a canoe to Madidi National Park. Spend the next two nights here, spotting colorful birds in the wild, looking for the rare pink dolphin on a boat tour, and going on jungle hikes. On day eight, you'll go on a river safari, spending the night at another eco-lodge in the rainforest. Wake up to the sounds of birds and monkeys in the trees. Your guide will take you on another hike to look for anacondas, caimans, turtles, and capybaras. Circle back to La Paz for one last night before the trip's end. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Highlights of Peru & Bolivia

On this 10-day adventure around Peru and Bolivia, you'll take once-in-a-lifetime photos in the ethereal salt flats of Uyuni, tour the ruins of Machu Picchu, boat around Lake Titicaca, and hike with llamas.

A woman walking on Isla del Sol 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Cusco & Get Oriented Cusco
Day 2 Tour Pisac & Ollantaytambo Aguas Calientes
Day 3 Visit the Ruins of Machu Picchu Cusco
Day 4 Sightsee in La Paz  La Paz
Day 5 See the Uyuni Salt Flats on a Full Day Tour La Paz
Day 6 Walk Around the Ancient City of Tiwanaku  La Paz
Day 7 Go on a Boat Cruise on Lake Titicaca Puno
Day 8 Visit the Lake's Floating Islands Puno
Day 9 Trek with Llamas Through Andean Landscapes Lima
Day 10 Depart Peru  

Welcome to Peru! Start with a day of sightseeing in Cusco and adjust to the altitude. Then you'll spend day two exploring the Sacred Valley, visiting Ollantaytambo and the market town of Pisac, before overnighting in Aguas Calientes. You'll rise early on day three to visit the world-famous "lost city of the Incas," Machu Picchu. Return to Cusco in the evening and enjoy a relaxing Peruvian meal and shopping for local handicrafts before crossing to Bolivia the next day.

Fly to La Paz on day four and ride a cable car high above the metropolis, enjoying views of the towering Andes. You'll enjoy a full-day tour to the salt flats of Uyuni next, returning to La Paz at night. Tour the ancient city of Tiwanaku, near Lake Titicaca, the following day. You'll explore the lake more the next day while on a boat cruise, stopping to see some of the lake's floating islands on day eight. Overnight in Puno, then go hiking with llamas on the last full day of the trip. You'll spend the evening in Lima before catching a flight out the next day. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Bolivia - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Bolivia - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas