Local people are fond of saying that Ecuador is four countries in one: coast, highlands, jungle, and the Galapagos. Whether you want to relax on the beach, climb volcanoes, hike around Andean lakes, go zip-lining in the cloud forest, canoe up an Amazon tributary or cruise the Galapagos, there is a perfect itinerary for everyone.


Ecuador packs more biodiversity into a small area than anywhere else on Earth. Roughly the size of Great Britain, it’s possible to drive across the country in one day — from tropical Pacific beaches up through cloud forest to Andean peaks and down again to the edge of the Amazon jungle. Of course, that would be one very long day, so it’s best to spread it out over a few weeks, but you can see a lot of Ecuador on a ten-day tour.

The highlands are the most visited region with a wealth of natural and cultural attractions — the colonial centers of Quito and Cuenca, the line of the Equator, Otavalo’s indigenous market, the Valley of the Volcanoes, shimmering lakes, thermal springs and dramatic train rides.

The cloud forest and jungle are treasure troves for bird-watchers and nature-lovers, and you can choose from one-day tours to secondary jungle or spend 4 or 5 days going deeper into the primary rainforest.

The Pacific coast boasts some of the best surfing in South America as well as beaches, mangroves, and delicious seafood, while the Galapagos is one of the world’s best destinations for wildlife watching and a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The south of Ecuador is the road-less-traveled but has some stunning attractions and lush scenery: Inca ruins, hilltop towns, petrified forest, and mangroves teeming with birdlife.

 #1 The Best of The Highlands

Devil's Nose Train Ride
Take a ride on the Devil's Nose train ride to Alausí.
Day Activity Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Quito, tour the Old Town Quito
Day 2 Mitad del Mundo and Quito New Town Quito
Day 3 Day trip to Otavalo market Quito
Day 4 Hiking in Lake Quilotoa Latacunga
Day 5 Hiking in Cotopaxi National Park Cotopaxi
Day 6 Climb Cotopaxi volcano Baños
Day 7 Waterfall tour and thermal baths in Baños  Baños
Day 8 Riobamba and Devil’s Nose Train Ride  Alausí
Day 9 Cuenca city tour Cuenca
Day 10 Return to Quito  

At an altitude of between 2000 and 3000 meters, you’ll need to pace yourself in the Ecuadorian highlands. Begin in the colonial center of capital Quito with its array of Spanish architecture and art. Take a bus half an hour north to the Equator at Mitad del Mundo. Then take a day trip two hours by bus to the northern highland town of Otavalo, which hosts one of the biggest indigenous markets in South America.

Next, take a bus three hours south of Quito through the Valley of the Volcanoes to explore the spectacular Lake Quilotoa. Next, hike around the volcano Cotopaxi, marveling at its 5,897-meter summit. Fit hikers can attempt to reach the peak with help from a local tour operator (you need to spend the night halfway up at the Refuge cabin and depart around 1 am for the summit).

After your visit to Cotopaxi, take a bus three hours south to relax in the thermal baths of Baños, and explore nearby waterfalls before experiencing Ecuador’s most dramatic train ride.

Travel two hours south-west to Riobamba and take the train south to the famous Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose), a series of switchbacks carved into the mountainside. Stay in Alausí, then take a bus two hours south to the charming colonial city of Cuenca before flying back to Quito.  

#2 Mountains and Galapagos

A variety of fauna can be observed Galapagos, including blue-footed boobies and marine iguanas. 
Day Activity Overnight
Day 1 Quito and Mitad del Mundo Quito
Day 2 Day trip to Otavalo Quito
Day 3 Day trip to Cotopaxi National Park Latacunga
Day 4 Waterfall tour and thermal baths in Baños Baños
Day 5 Day trip to the jungle via Puyo, return to Quito Quito
Day 6 Fly to Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands  Galapagos
Days 7-9 Galapagos tour Galapagos
Day 10 Fly back to Quito  

Situated 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are an unforgettable and unique destination. If you want to make the trip then you will need to pack highlights of mainland Ecuador in a few days.

See the sights of Quito’s Old Town as well as the Equator at Mitad del Mundo, a half-hour bus ride north of the city. Then take a day trip (two hours by bus) to the indigenous market at Otavalo before heading south (two hours of Quito by bus) to explore the national park around spectacular volcano Cotopaxi. Take a bus three hours south to relax in the thermal baths of Baños, then take a day trip through the cloud forest to secondary jungle via Puyo. Return to Quito (four hours by bus) to fly to the Galapagos Islands (2.5 hours).

Choose either a cruise or a land-based tour, and spend five days experiencing the wildlife and geological wonders of this archipelago – snorkeling with sea lions and penguins, hiking on lava trails past giant tortoises and iguanas, and watching the incredible birdlife.

#3 Mountains and Jungle

Parakeets frolicking at a salt lick in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Day Activity Overnight
Day 1 Quito City tour Quito
Day 2 Mindo, zip lining and canopy tour Quito
Day 3 Birdwatching and hiking in cloud forest Quito
Day 4 Otavalo, visit Lake Cuicocha Otavalo
Day 5 Mojanda Lakes and return to Quito Quito
Day 6 Fly to Coca for jungle tour Jungle lodge
Days 7-9 Jungle tour Jungle lodge
Day 10 Return to Quito  

Rivaling the Galapagos for providing incredible wildlife experiences is the jungle, within easy reach of the highlands. After taking in the highlights of capital city Quito, head two hours north-west by bus to the cloud forest around Mindo for hiking, birdwatching and zip-lining across the forest canopy.

Then head further north to explore the dramatic volcanic scenery around Otavalo at Lake Cuicocha and Mojanda. Get the bus back to Quito (two hours) and fly to the jungle entry town of Coca (30 minutes by air or nine hours by bus). Take a boat one hour downriver to reach swathes of primary jungle. Stay at a jungle lodge for four or five days, exploring amazing scenery and wildlife around Yasuní National Park – parrot clay licks, toucans, howler monkeys, white caiman and piranhas to name but a few highlights.  

#4 The Best of Ecuador’s Coast

Blue-footed booby looks over the coast of Isla de la Plata.
Day Activity Overnight
Day 1 Guayaquil city tour Guayaquil
Day 2 Montañita, surfing and beach Montañita
Day 3 Machalilla. Frailes and Agua Blanca Puerto Lopez
Day 4 Isla de la Plata  Puerto Lopez
Day 5 Bahía de Caráquez and mangroves Bahía de Caráquez
Day 6 Surfing and beach at Canoa Canoa
Day 7 Rio Muchacho Organic Farm Canoa
Day 8 Mompiche, surfing and beach Mompiche
Day 9 Atacames Atacames
Day 10 Return to Guayaquil or Quito  

Ecuador’s coast is less visited by foreign tourists and while it may not be quite as spectacular as the Caribbean, it has some fantastic beaches, surf spots, wildlife watching, and seafood.

Begin in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, exploring the riverfront Malecon and artistic district Las Peñas. Then take a bus north (three hours) to party and surf town Montañita.

One hour further north by bus is the stunning forest scenery of Machalilla National Park. Relax on the protected beach of Las Frailes, explore the hills and take a day trip to Isla de la Plata. Here you can see blue-footed boobies and frigate birds, particularly good if you’re not visiting the Galapagos.

Take a bus five hours north to Bahía de Caráquez, arguably Ecuador’s most beautiful coastal city. Take a trip to the mangroves to observe the bird life, stay in nearby surfing mecca Canoa and visit Rio Muchacho Organic Farm. Four hours further north is another great surfing spot at Mompiche, with a more spectacular tropical backdrop. Two hours further north is the party town of Atacames, a great place to dance and gorge on delicious seafood. 

#5 Southern Ecuador: Off-The-Beaten-Track

Sightseeing on horseback is a popular activity in the tourist town of Vilcabamba.




Day 1 Fly to Cuenca. City tour Cuenca
Day 2 Day trip to Ingapirca ruins Cuenca
Day 3 Loja and Vilcabamba Vilcabamba
Day 4 Hiking in Vilcabamba Vilcabamba
Day 5 Podocarpus National Park Vilcabamba
Day 6 Zaruma Zaruma
Day 7 Puyango Petrified Forest Machala
Day 8 Churute Mangroves, evening in Guayaquil Guayaquil
Day 9 Guayaquil City Tour Guayaquil
Day 10 Return to Quito  

Southern Ecuador is less visited but has plenty to keep you occupied. Begin in Cuenca with a tour of the historic city, before taking a day trip to Ecuador’s best Inca ruins at Ingapirca. Take the bus four hours south to Loja and the nearby hippy enclave of Vilcabamba. Relax in the ideal climate and explore the surrounding hills.

On Day 5, Take a day trip to the cloud forests of Podocarpus National Park close to town. Head west (four hours by bus) to get further off the beaten track in the dramatic hilltop town of Zaruma, where you can sample some of the best coffee on the continent. Explore the largest petrified forest in South America at Puyango, about three hours by road from Zaruma, before heading for Machala, self-styled ‘banana capital of the world’.

On Day 8, stop off for hiking and birdwatching in the mangroves of Churute en route to Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. Take a tour of the riverfront and historic highlights before hitting the bars and discos in the evening. 


Map of 10 Days in Ecuador - 5 Unique Itineraries
Map of 10 Days in Ecuador - 5 Unique Itineraries

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Traveler: Roopa K. - Local specialist: Linda Schulz

Our first trip to Ecuador was breath-taking to say the least. Galapagos has been on my bucket list for a long time and it was an exhilarating experience. Every island we visited was different and unique. It was impossible to get bored on the islands. Places like Los Tunales, the beach on Isabela island, and the ride on "Windrose" yacht are permanently etched in my memory.

Our trip was for 12 days, including 2 days for traveling. We spent 4 days in mainland Ecuador and 6 on Galapagos. In... read more

Our first trip to Ecuador was breath-taking to say the least. Galapagos has been on my bucket list for a long time and it was an exhilarating experience. Every island we visited was different and unique. It was impossible to get bored on the islands. Places like Los Tunales, the beach on Isabela island, and the ride on "Windrose" yacht are permanently etched in my memory.

Our trip was for 12 days, including 2 days for traveling. We spent 4 days in mainland Ecuador and 6 on Galapagos. In retrospect, we would have spent at least 1 day less in mainland and more time on Galapagos. Historical Quito, Mitad Del Mundo, Otavalo and Cotopaxi were good places to visit on mainland. Ideally, I would have loved more time in Otavalo instead of visiting some local waterfalls. Even Cuicocha lagoon was hyped up as a lake with active volcanic bubbles, but it was a major let down. All the places we visited on Galapagos were wonderful and given more time, we would have loved to visit more islands. The speed boat ride from Puerto Ayora to Isabela island was the bumpiest ride ever and there was not a single person on the boat who didn't come out without a queasy stomach. FYI, a one-way ferry ride costs $30 and lasts 2.5 hours. A plane trip costs $135 and lasts 30 mins. In the large scheme of things, we might have just selected the plane trip instead of enduring the bumpiest boat ride of our lives.

Linda was extremely informative and knowledgeable about Ecuador. She was great at setting our expectations and answering our questions promptly. Our local guides were a collective mix. Jorge (George), our guide on land, was great, but provided info that was less engaging for the kids. On Galapagos, our guide to Los Tunales, Sebastian, stole the show. He was patient, funny and knew a lot about the local area and habitats. While snorkeling, he ensured we all saw the key pieces without rushing . He walked with my mom, who is 72 years old, at her pace guiding her on the rocks etc. Overall, a great experience with him. All the other guides were decent.

As a group of 9, finding hotel rooms together was a big challenge. In most places, we didn't have rooms near each other. They were almost always on different floors, which was a logistical headache. In Quito, our hotel, Cruz Loma, didn't have elevators and it was painful to trudge up 4 flights of stairs with suitcases. Unfortunately, they didn't offer help with our luggage nor did they heed our request for rooms on lower floors. The hotels on Galapagos islands were normal 3-star places. Nothing too fancy to write about. Again, no elevators, but the staff helped our with our stuff. Breakfast was included for all our days, but 10 days of eating nothing but eggs, bread, yogurt and juice got too tiring. I wish they would provide a bit more variety, even if we had to pay for it.

Overall, this was a once in a lifetime trip and one that we will recall for many years to come. Thanks to Linda and Kimkim for helping us with this vacation !