Grab a rental car and hit the road through Spain, the ideal destination for a road trip, especially when you have over two weeks to explore the country. The three itineraries below feature different regions, so you can choose the iconic sites of Andalusia or head north and savor the beauty of Galicia and the Basque Country. Or, if you'd rather get off the beaten path, stick to central Spain by visiting regions like La Mancha and Extremadura.

Itinerary #1: Spain Off-the-Beaten-Path Road Trip: Madrid, La Mancha & Extremadura

This 15-day road trip allows you to experience regions of Spain most tourists never see. It begins in Madrid, and you'll quickly hit the road south to La Mancha, the land of "Don Quixote," windmills, arid plains, and stunning national parks. From there, you'll head west to the Extremadura region, home to some of the most well-preserved medieval towns in the country.

Stroll through the historic streets of the lesser-known town of Trujillo, Spain
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Madrid, Evening Tapas Walk Madrid
Day 2 Private City Walk, Discover Madrid's Royal Legacy Madrid
Day 3 Pick up Rental Car, Drive to Toledo, City Walk Toledo
Day 4 Drive to Almagro via Las Tablas de Daimiel Almagro
Day 5 Explore La Mancha, Drive to Valdepeñas Valdepeñas
Day 6 Wine Excursion in La Mancha Valdepeñas
Day 7 Drive to Mérida Mérida
Day 8 Guided Walk in Mérida Mérida
Day 9 Drive to Cáceres Cáceres
Day 10 Cáceres Old Town Walk Cáceres
Day 11 Drive to Trujillo, Guided Walk Trujillo
Day 12 Day Trip to Monfragüe National Park Trujillo
Day 13 Drive to Madrid, Free Day in the City Madrid
Day 14 Madrid City Walk, Jamón Carving & Flamenco Show Madrid
Day 15 Depart Spain  

This epic road trip takes you through central Spain in an area not typically visited by travelers. You'll start and end in Madrid, where you can learn about the country's unique history and culture. In between, you'll first visit Toledo to discover how three different cultures lived harmoniously together for centuries, then head down to Almagro, stopping in the scenic Las Tablas de Daimiel for an excursion through the wetlands. 

Next up is driving through beautiful La Mancha on Day 6, home to Spain's famous windmills featured in Cervantes' "Don Quixote," delicious manchego cheese, and over 300 vineyards. Visit Mérida with its incredible Roman theater, then head west to Cáceres and stop at another park, Monfragüe, where you'll undoubtedly see wildlife. Stay in historic and charming Trujillo before returning to Madrid for your final two days, complete with a flamenco show. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Ultimate Northern Spain Road Trip: Madrid, Galicia & The Basque Country

On this fast-paced excursion of Northern Spain, you'll take the less traveled road filled with incredible scenery. After a couple of days in Madrid, you'll drive north to wine country and follow the pilgrims' route into beautiful Galicia. You'll sample delicious regional cuisine and visit historic cathedrals before hitting the Cantabrian Coast for a memorable stay in San Sebastián with day trips to rural Basque Country.

Visit El Flysch, with its unique rock formations and hiking trails, in Spain's Basque Country
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Madrid, Evening Tapas Experience Madrid
Day 2 Private City Walk, Discover Madrid's Royal Legacy Madrid
Day 3 Drive to Ribera del Duero Peñafiel
Day 4 Drive to León, City Walk León
Day 5 Drive to Ribeira Sacra via Astorga Monforte de Lemos
Day 6 Boat Excursion in Ribeira Sacra, Drive to Vigo Vigo
Day 7 Explore the Cíes Islands, Drive to Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela
Day 8 Santiago de Compostela Cooking Class & City Walk Santiago de Compostela
Day 9 Drive to Lugo, City Tour & Gourmet Lunch Lugo
Day 10 Drive to Oviedo, Enjoy the City Oviedo
Day 11 Drive to Bilbao, City Walk Bilbao
Day 12 Coastal Drive From Bilbao to San Sebastián San Sebastián
Day 13 Half-Day Excursion in San Sebastián San Sebastián
Day 14 Day Trip to the Basque Countryside San Sebastián
Day 15 Depart Spain  

Spain's northern reaches aren't typically on bucket lists, but this road trip proves why it should be. Start in Madrid for historical and cultural activities, including visiting the Royal Palace, eating a lot of tapas, and strolling through the city center. Then head straight north to the Ribera del Duero wine region, where you'll find several old castles dotting the skyline. Explore the city of León, founded in the first century BCE, then continue northwest to the scenic autonomous region of Galicia.

Galicia is known for its natural beauty, which you'll witness at places like Ribeira Sacra, a mountainous river canyon, and the Cíes Islands. Here you'll find tropic-like beaches and incredible seafood. Finish your adventure along the Basque Coast via Oviedo, home to the famous sidra (cider). Discover the urban energy in Bilbao and San Sebastián, plus the traditional vibes of rural Basque Country with a farm visit. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Ultimate Southern Spain Road Trip: Madrid, La Mancha & Andalusia

Discover popular Andalusia when you take to the road on this Southern Spain itinerary. Starting in the Spanish capital of Madrid, you'll drive south to historic locales like Toledo and La Mancha on your way to Andalusia, where Moorish history and excellent food await. Besides enjoying wine and tapas tours, you'll visit historic cities like Seville, Granada, Ronda, and Córdoba.

Relax in the courtyard of Córdoba's Mosque-Cathedral
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Madrid, Evening Tapas Experience Madrid
Day 2 Private City Walk, Discover Madrid's Royal Legacy Madrid
Day 3 Pick up Rental Car, Drive to Toledo, City Walk Toledo
Day 4 Drive to Valdepeñas, Guided Experience in La Mancha Valdepeñas
Day 5 Drive to Córdoba, Wine Excursion Córdoba
Day 6 Private City Walk in Córdoba Córdoba
Day 7 Drive to Seville, Tapas Walk Seville
Day 8 Half-Day City Exploration of Seville Seville
Day 9 Day Trip to Jerez, Sherry Tasting & Dancing Horses Seville
Day 10 Drive to Ronda via Arcos de la Frontera Ronda
Day 11 Drive to Granada via the Caminito del Rey Granada
Day 12 Private Visit of the Alhambra & Generalife Gardens Granada
Day 13 Day Trip to Andalusian Countryside, Tapas Cooking Class Granada
Day 14 Drive to Málaga Málaga
Day 15 Depart Spain  

With 15 days, you can dig deep into Andalusia, Spain's southern region. To mix it up, you'll start in Madrid to learn about the country's history, visit the Royal Palace, and enjoy the local gastronomy, including classic tapas. Then head south, first to Toledo, known as the "City of Three Cultures," then to La Mancha. Though arid, this area has the world's largest continuous wine-growing region and those famous windmills. Now it's time for Andalusia, starting in historic Córdoba, home to the unique Mezquita, a mosque and cathedral in one.

After two nights in Córdoba, continue to Seville, where you can visit the Seville Cathedral, explore the Royal Alcázar, and take a day trip to Jerez de la Frontera for sherry and horses. You can't miss Ronda, the region's largest "White Village" set atop a gorge, then make your way to Granada for one of the country's most popular sites, the 14th-century Moorish Alhambra. After exploring the countryside and taking a tapas cooking class, end your trip with a final night on the coast in buzzy Málaga. Learn more

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Map of 15 Days in Spain - 3 Unique Road Trip Itineraries
Map of 15 Days in Spain - 3 Unique Road Trip Itineraries