With 10 days and a rental car, you can go deeper into Spain's cultural scene, hitting both popular hotspots and lesser-known areas. With a focus on Northern and Southern Spain, these five itineraries explore regional highlights, hidden towns, beautiful nature, and local food and wine. With easy-to-navigate roads and routes, you can go at your own pace and enjoy a trip that's uniquely your own.

There are many ways to spend 10 days cruising around Spain, but these five recommended itineraries give you a mix of experiences. You could focus on the culturally rich Andalusia, with its historical monuments, beautiful beaches, and unique White Villages. Watch an authentic flamenco show in Seville, drive to charming hilltop villages, and explore remote regions like the Las Alpujarras.

Or stick to Spain's northern regions and combine cities like Bilbao and San Sebastián or Girona and Barcelona with small townlets, incredible mountain hikes, winery visits, and days along the coast. Read on for some unique approaches for your self-drive adventure.

Itinerary #1: Classic Self-Drive Through Andalusia

Andalusia is a treasure trove of cultural experiences, and this 10-day self-drive adventure takes you to all the classic spots plus some hidden areas. Hit the major cities, including Seville, Granada, Cádiz, and Málaga, visiting all the iconic sites, such as the Alhambra in Granada and Royal Alcázar in Seville. Then pair these must-sees with charming villages near Ronda, hiking in the Caminto del Rey, and relaxing at an ancient bath. 

Wine tasting in Basque country
Visit unique villages like Zahara de la Sierra
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Seville, Private Tapas & Flamenco Experience Seville
Day 2 Visit Seville's Cathedral & Alcázar, River Cruise, Ancient Bath Experience  Seville
Day 3 Drive to Cádiz, History, Local Culture & Wine Tasting  Cádiz
Day 4 Drive to Ronda, Private Walk  Ronda
Day 5 Self-Guided Visit to Ardales Ronda
Day 6 Drive to Málaga via Caminito del Rey, Taste of Málaga Tapas Walk Málaga
Day 7 Málaga Historic Walk, Self-Guided Visit to Nerja Málaga
Day 8 Drive to Granada, Evening Walk in the Albaicín Neighborhood Granada
Day 9 Visit the Alhambra & Generalife Gardens, Granada Wine Tasting Granada
Day 10 Depart Spain  

The classic drive through Andalusia is a fantastic way to experience a mix of southern Spain. The adventure begins in Seville, where you can explore the Seville Cathedral, climb the Giralda Tower, and get lost in the charming Santa Cruz neighborhood. You'll also have the chance to try delicious tapas, catch a flamenco show, cruise along the river, and pamper yourself at a traditional bathhouse. 

Next up is Cádiz, the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe, founded by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BCE. Here you'll taste regional wine (the area is known for its sherry production) and learn about Andalusia's deep history. Head inland to visit a few of the famed Pueblos Blancos (White Villages), including the picturesque clifftop city of Ronda, plus smaller towns like Zahara de la Sierra, Ardales, and/or Olvera

Continue to Málaga and visit spots like the Caminito del Rey hiking trail and coastal Nerja, with its picture-perfect beaches. Then end your trip in Granada, where the main attraction is undoubtedly the Alhambra, a magnificent Moorish palace and fortress that dates back to the 13th century. You'll also have time to explore Granada's winding streets and vibrant neighborhoods, like the bohemian Albaicín area. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Deep Dive into Northern Spain's Culture

With such a focus on Spain's big cities, it's easy to forget about the country's culturally rich northern regions. This 10-day self-drive through Northern Spain takes you along the Basque coastline and into the wine region of La Rioja. You'll soak up the culture in the area's big cities, including Bilbao and San Sebastián, and enjoy the region's incredible natural scenery and winemaking heritage.

Explore the culture of Spain's northern coastal cities
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in San Sebastián, History & Culture Walk San Sebastián
Day 2 Hike, Boat & Lunch on the Bay of Pasaia San Sebastián
Day 3 Self-Guided Hiking Day near San Sebastián, Private Sailing in La Concha Bay San Sebastián
Day 4 Drive to Pamplona, Private History & Culture Walk Pamplona
Day 5 Drive to La Rioja, Secrets of Logroño Walk La Rioja
Day 6 Wine Like a Local with Hotel Pick-Up La Rioja
Day 7 Drive to Bilbao via Sajazarra, Guggenheim Museum, History & Gastronomy Bilbao
Day 8 Self-Guided Hiking Day near Bilbao, Pintxos & Wine Tasting Bilbao
Day 9 Basque History Tour: Gaztelugatxe, Bermeo & Gernika Bilbao
Day 10 Depart Spain  

Get a closer look at Northern Spain's rich culture with this self-drive excursion. You'll start in San Sebastián, mixing city walks with hikes, a sailing trip on La Concha Bay, and lunch in a quaint coastal townlet in the Bay of Pasaia. Learn about the area's history, including its old whaling and fishing heritage. You'll then head into Spain's most famous wine region, La Rioja, and visit cities like Pamplona, Logroño, and more on your own mini road trip.

Of course, if you're spending time in La Rioja, you must visit some wineries! This itinerary includes a full-day wine excursion with a local guide who knows the wine makers personally. This gives you a more personalized and profound experience as you learn about Rioja's varietals and winemaking heritage. 

End your road trip in Bilbao, one of Spain's most culturally diverse cities. Discover how Bilbao mixes historic architecture with its modern growth and visit the famous Guggenheim Museum. Explore the villages along the Basque Coast, stopping at the incredible hermitage island of Gaztelugatxe, and taste plenty of local gastronomy, including pintxos, Northern Spain's version of tapas. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Beaches, White Villages & Seville

If you're looking for an itinerary that focuses on the best of Andalusia, this 10-day self-drive might be it, as you'll combine the region's famed beaches with its White Villages and big cities. Besides big cities like Seville and Málaga, you'll spend lots of time in lesser-visited areas, including glitzy Marbella and some of Andalusia's best coastline near Conil de la Frontera. City walks, tapas tasting, hiking, and beach days all work together to give you a well-rounded look at the region.

Enjoy time on the beaches of Spain's sandy Costa del Sol
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Málaga, Self-Guided Beach Day Málaga
Day 2 Treasure Hunt in Málaga, Taste of Málaga Tapas Walk Málaga
Day 3 Drive to Marbella, Enjoy the City Marbella
Day 4 Drive to Ronda, Live Spanish Guitar Show Ronda
Day 5 Ronda Heritage Walk, Self-Guided Visit to Ardales Ronda
Day 6 Drive to Conil de la Frontera via White Villages & Beaches Conil de la Frontera
Day 7 Drive to Cádiz, History, Local Culture & Wine Tasting Cádiz
Day 8 Drive to Seville, City Walk, Ancient Bath Experience Seville
Day 9 Visit Seville's Cathedral & Alcázar, Tapas & Flamenco Experience Seville
Day 10 Depart Spain  

This road trip in Andalusia focuses on plenty of beach time but mixes in big cities and cultural experiences, too. You'll start in Málaga and enjoy a beach day. You have a few choices, but Nerja is an excellent option for soft sand and other interests, like caves, viewpoints, and water sports. Then enjoy the city with a fun treasure hunt and delicious tapas walk. To polish off the first stretch, spend a day in beautiful Marbella, known for its beach resorts and charming Old Town.

Next, go to Ronda and the area's famed White Villages. You'll enjoy a few cultural moments, like a live Spanish Guitar show, a heritage walk in historic Ronda, and a visit to the small town of Ardales. Then head back to the sea and make your way to Conil de la Frontera near Cala Roche (one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain) and Cádiz, a city steeped in history that goes back to the 7th century BCE. Stop for more beach time, taste some delicious cuisine, and try the local wine.

The road trip ends in beautiful Seville, home to one of Europe's most walkable historical centers. You'll visit iconic sites like the Cathedral of Seville and the Royal Alcázar with its incredible gardens, then stroll through some of the neighborhoods, including Santa Cruz and bits of Triana. Enjoy more tapas, a flamenco show, and time relaxing at an ancient spa. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Seville & the Hidden Corners of Andalusia

This unique 10-day self-drive itinerary is perfect if you want a more off-the-beaten-path experience but still want to visit the significant sites. You'll get a dose of Spain's historical city life in Seville, Granada, and Málaga. Still, you'll also focus on the region's hidden corners that don't see as many visitors, like Las Alpujarras and the area's scenic national parks.

The scenic and culturally rich Las Alpujarras region
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Seville, Tapas & Flamenco Experience Seville
Day 2 Seville Guided Walk with the Cathedral & Alcázar, Ancient Baths Seville
Day 3 Drive to Jerez de la Frontera, Doñana National Park Visit Jerez
Day 4 Food Market & Local Culture, Drive to Ronda, Live Spanish Guitar Show Ronda
Day 5 Drive to Granada, El Torcal National Park, Evening Tour of the Albaicín Granada
Day 6 Granada, Alhambra & Generalife Gardens, Taste of Granada Walk Granada
Day 7 Drive to Las Alpujarras, Self-Guided Hiking in Las Alpujarras Las Alpujarras
Day 8 Drive to Málaga, Treasure Hunt in Málaga Málaga
Day 9 Taste of Málaga Tapas Walk, Self-Guided Beach Day Málaga
Day 10 Depart Spain  

This adventure starts with a dose of culture in Seville, exploring the city's historic core with stops at a flamenco show, a tapas tasting, iconic monuments, and an ancient bathhouse, where you'll experience the traditional bathing rituals of the region. Then head to Jerez de la Frontera, another city with a fascinating cultural heritage. But on the way, you'll stop at Doñana National Park to hike, kayak, hang out at the beach, go horseback riding, and/or try to spot wildlife. This is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and is home to the Iberian lynx, an elusive, rare, and endangered species.

Visit a few White Villages from Jerez as you drive to beautiful Ronda and enjoy Spanish Guitar in a beautiful and historic setting. Then make your way to Granada, stopping to hike in El Torcal National Park near the picturesque town of Antequera. The park has unique rock formations and trails ranging from easy to challenging. In Granada, explore the magical Albaicín district, visit the Alhambra, and try lots of local gastronomy.

Before ending your trip in buzzy Málaga with a beach day along the sunny coast, stop in the Las Alpujarras region, a significant cultural area that's truly off the beaten path. Visit charming villages, peruse local artisan goods, drive to viewpoints, and enjoy a hike or two. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Barcelona, Costa Brava & the Pyrenees Mountains  

This 10-day road trip takes you to Barcelona and the incredible coastline and medieval villages of Costa Brava. Then to add a lesser-known locale to the mix, you'll also visit the picturesque Val d'Aran area deep in the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain. Enjoy quintessential musts, like visiting the Sagrada Familía or a Costa Brava beach day, and explore unique villages and beautiful hiking paths. 

The scenic coastal village of Cadaqués in Costa Brava
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Barcelona, Private Walk in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona
Day 2 Extended Visit to Sagrada Família, Local Market Visit & Cooking Class Barcelona
Day 3 Drive to Girona, Food & Market Tour Girona
Day 4 Game of Thrones Walking Tour, Drive to Costa Brava Costa Brava
Day 5 Self-Guided Beach Day in Costa Brava Costa Brava
Day 6 Self Guided Day Trip to Cadaqués, Figueres, Begur & Palafrugell Costa Brava
Day 7 Drive to Val d'Aran Val d'Aran
Day 8 Guided Hike of the 7 Lakes Route  Val d'Aran
Day 9 Drive to Barcelona, Evening Tapas Walk in Three Neighborhoods Barcelona
Day 10 Depart Spain  

This Northern Spain adventure starts in one of the country's most popular cities, the beautiful and whimsical Barcelona. Enjoy a walk in the Gothic Quarter, visit the Sagrada Familía, peruse the stalls at Boqueria, and learn how to make paella with a cooking class. Then make your way to Costa Brava, stopping for one night in Girona, a beautiful medieval city with one of the world's best-preserved Jewish Quarters.

Next, you'll spend a few days exploring Costa Brava, enjoying beach days, going on coastal hikes, and visiting iconic cities like Cadaqués, Pals, Begur, Figueres (the birthplace of Salvador Dalí), and more. These towns mix charming historical cores, white-washed buildings, and medieval centers perfect for cultural exploration. If you spend more time on the coast, try some water sports, like kayaking or snorkeling. 

Lastly, enjoy the scenic and peaceful Val d'Aran, a beautiful alpine valley high up in the Pyrenees Mountains. You can stop in a few villages along the way, enjoy truly incredible viewpoints highlighting mountain peaks, and hike along the 7 Lakes Route. End your trip back in Barcelona for a final evening filled with delicious tapas in the city's historic neighborhoods. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Spain - 5 Unique Road Trip Itineraries
Map of 10 Days in Spain - 5 Unique Road Trip Itineraries