Delve deep into the enthralling Egyptian capital and its surroundings with this whirlwind six-day adventure. With guided tours and fascinating excursions, you'll check off Cairo's most iconic sites and discover a few hidden gems along the way. Follow an Egyptologist through the Pyramids of Giza, hunt for souvenirs in the Khan el-Khalili bazaar, see the treasures of King Tut in the Egyptian Museum, and venture out of the city for a day trip to Egypt's only waterfall at the Fayoum Oasis.


  • Get a dazzling introduction to ancient Egypt with an evening show at the Pyramids
  • Get lost in the colorful shops and stalls of Khan el-Khalili, Cairo's historic bazaar
  • Discover ancient artifacts found in royal tombs at the Egyptian Museum
  • Explore the elaborate Manial Palace in the middle of the Nile River

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Cairo, Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza Cairo
Day 2 Day Trip to the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Memphis & Saqqara Cairo
Day 3 Tour the National Museum, Islamic Cairo & Khan el-Khalili Cairo
Day 4 Discover Old Coptic Cairo & the Egyptian Museum Cairo
Day 5 Day Trip to Fayoum Oasis & Egypt's Only Waterfall Cairo
Day 6 Visit Al Manial Palace & Cairo Tower, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Cairo, Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza

Ancient meets modern on the banks of the Nile in Cairo

Welcome to Egypt! Few countries have captured the world's imagination like this North African nation bordering the Middle East. Luckily, much of its ancient history is preserved through landmarks, archaeological sites, and antiquities, all accessible to the public. Once you arrive in Cairo, the country's largest city and capital, you'll be picked up at Cairo International Airport and transferred to your hotel to relax and settle in.

After sunset, your driver will be waiting to whisk you off to a spectacular sound and light show at the Great Pyramids of Giza. Discover the dramatic history of the ancient Egyptians, starting with the story of the Sphinx, which has been guarding the city of the dead for 5,000 years. The show also depicts the story of building the pyramids and relates the history of great and famous figures of ancient Egypt, such as Thutmose IV, Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamun. 
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Day 2: Day Trip to the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Memphis & Saqqara

Pyramids of Giza
Spend all day exploring the awe-inspiring Egyptian pyramids and the Great Sphinx

This morning, you'll hit the ground running, meeting your Egyptologist guide and setting off for a tour of some of Egypt's most iconic sites. Begin at the ancient pyramids of Dahshour, then continue to the iconic Giza Plateau to visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built as a tomb, its shape was intended to help the dead pharaoh's spirit rise to heaven.

Nearby, you'll find Khafre, the best-preserved of the main Giza pyramids, and Menkaure, the smallest of the three. After admiring the magnificent Great Sphinx up close, head to the ancient ruins of Memphis, the first unified capital of the ancient world. Here, you can visit the necropolis of Saqqara, explore its stepped pyramid and 4,350-year-old tombs, and see the ancient hieroglyphics engraved on its walls.

Day 3: Tour the National Museum, Islamic Cairo & Khan el-Khalili

Tour to National Museum, Islamic Cairo and Khan El-Khalili
Walk through the many stalls of Cairo's old bazaar, Khan el-Khalili

Your guide will pick you up from the hotel this morning for a full-day tour of Cairo's historic sites and cultural landmarks. Your first stop is at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Old Cairo, which showcases 50,000 artifacts that tell the story of Egyptian heritage and culture.

Next, you'll learn about Islamic Cairo at the Citadel of Saladin, a beautiful example of military architecture from the Middle Ages, and the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, a monumental mosque built during the 1300s. Continue to the mosque of Mohamed Ali, known as the Alabaster Mosque. The brilliant domed ceilings, suspended lights, and city views from this former stronghold against the Crusaders are unparalleled. 

Finally, follow your guide through the teeming streets of Khan el-Khalili, Cairo's old bazaar, packed with legendary shops that sell everything from fine brassware to perfumes to antiques. Hunt for treasures at this historical souk (market), including lamps, rugs, jewelry, and more, and learn the art of bargaining as you pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

Day 4: Discover Old Coptic Cairo & the Egyptian Museum

Coptic Church
See incredible artifacts, including the treasures of King Tut, at the Egyptian Museum

This morning's tour focuses on Old Cairo, the city's historic heart that's also home to many ancient Coptic sites. You'll start at the remains of the Fortress of Babylon, Cairo's oldest original structure. First built by the Persians around the sixth century BCE, you'll also find the Hanging Church on-site, which served as the seat of the Coptic Patriarchate for centuries. Finish at the oldest synagogue in Egypt, Ben Ezra, where the famous "Geniza Documents" were found, an invaluable treasure trove of information about Egyptian Jews throughout history.

Your next stop is the Egyptian Museum, which has the most extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts in the world, with Pharaonic treasures dating back more than 5,000 years. The building is rectangular, with a large dome on the ground floor containing massive exhibits, including colossal statues of Ramesses II—the best views of them can be obtained by looking down from the upper galleries.

Don't miss one of the museum's most important treasures—the gold and alabaster trappings from the tomb of King Tut. Many of the Tutankhamun tomb treasures have been on display in museums worldwide—including the golden mask—yet this exhibit has always remained in Cairo. Make time to visit the Royal Mummies Room to view remains and more remarkable tomb treasures.

Day 5: Day Trip to Fayoum Oasis & Egypt's Only Waterfall

Day Tour to El Fayoum
Take a day tour to Fayoum to see sites like the Wadi el-Rayan Waterfalls

Explore farther afield this morning as your guide takes you two hours southwest of Cairo to the lush and biodiverse Fayoum Oasis. Your destination is the nature reserve of Wadi Hitan (Valley of the Whales), designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the 40 million-year-old whale skeletons found here. 

Stop to scale the layered terraces of Mudawara Mountain for sweeping desert views, then continue to Wadi el-Ryan. This is Egypt's only waterfall, connecting two lakes formed by a natural depression in the desert. Spend some time exploring the rushing falls, discover the famous Pottery School nearby, and enjoy some exhilarating sandboarding on the dunes before grabbing a late lunch. End the tour with some bird-watching on the shores of Qarun Lake, then hop back in the car for your afternoon transfer back to Cairo. 

Day 6: Visit Manial Palace & Cairo Tower, Depart

Manial Palace and Cairo Tower
See a few more sights in Cairo, such as the Cairo Tower, before departing

On your final morning in Egypt, pay a visit to the Manial Palace and Museum, located on Rawdah (Roda) Island in the middle of the Nile River. Completed in 1929 by Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik, it's now a museum with beautifully preserved rooms full of ornate tilework and priceless artifacts. Visit the former throne room, the extensive gardens, and, if you're interested, the Mummified Animal Museum.

While on the island, don't miss the famous Nilometer. Priests and kings used this device (dating to 861 CE), made of a marble column and a well, to monitor the water levels of the Nile. Then, visit the Cairo Tower (El Gezira Tower or Burj el-Qahari) to savor the panoramic Nile views. One of the most prominent features of the Egyptian capital, the tower's partially open latticework design is intended to evoke a lotus plant. When the time comes, you'll be transferred to Cairo International Airport for your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Cairo in Depth: Discover the Egyptian Capital - 6 Days
Map of Cairo in Depth: Discover the Egyptian Capital - 6 Days